Yannick's Insanity

  It has been said that insanity is doing something over and over expecting different results.  I feel that here lately I've been in a cycle of insanity.
  "How so," you may ask.  Well for starters I've been trying to change some things in terms of job and living situation. I've been job hunting, trying my darnedest to save, but it seems that something always happens to knock me flat on my behind.
  Despite me being hopeful and prayerful, I often times feel that I'm insane for even trying.  Through it all, I'm still remaining hopeful and prayerful that my life will change drastically within 2015.  Am I insane for expecting different results by trying all I know to do?
  I would say yes.  To kill the insanity, I am taking a leap of faith by working on my own business, creating new opportunities for myself, and really going for what I desire and want.  That is not limited to a basic 9-5, living from paycheck to paycheck or live according to what everyone else wants for me.
  The same routine often gets humdrum and boring as watching paint dry on a harlot's vagina, but sometimes we have to make change and be the change.
  I guess this is a part of my insanity