Yoga.Com Studio #iOS #teamhealthy #teamyoga Studio Will Keep you Flexible and Healthy
  This post goes out to my Yoga heads!!! Studio is an innovative, easy to use, and awesome designed tool to use right from you iPhone or Smartphone.
  With over 300 poses and HD Video, Studio, has become one of the largest databases of Yoga Poses.
  With Studio, you are able to create your own poses, your own fitness goal (s), as well as create custom programs.
  You can also join the inspire community to share progress, get advice, and share pictures of your various poses. Did I mention that you can also follow your favorite teachers and those who inspire you to do yoga?

   For those who love music while doing Yoga, Studio offers over 15 serene music tracks that will keep you in perfect peace. Studio allows you to share your progress via Twitter and Facebook.
  For my Yoga teachers, Studio also offers you all a favorite tool as well as allows you to set durations for each pose.

DOWNLOAD YOGA.COM STUDIO TODAY!!! You will be healthy, fit, and full circle all in one.


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