They Aren't Gay Rights, They Are Human Rights

    In the fight for equality, why is there a distinction when it comes to Equality for Everyone?
  I've wondered this for quite sometime.  I hate when people say "Lord they are petitioning for Gay Rights."
  No baby, we are wanted basic human rights that are owed to us!!! We want the right to marry the man or woman that we love, regardless of if it is the Same Gender or a different gender. If we are two consenting adults, why can't we have the same right to marry whom we love.
  We also want the right to live and not be killed or told we can't be served because of our sexual orientation. Really, why is whom we choose to have sex with important to you?
  Of course people use the guise of religion to discriminate.  What if we began discriminating against people who are overweight, because we are taught that gluttony is a sin? What if we  refused someone service, because they ate shellfish and we don't eat shellfish because it is unclean? What if we refused service to someone because they wasn't a virgin when they married?
  See how dumb the denial of the LGBT Community basic rights are? They aren't just Gay rights, they are Human rights.


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