What Happened to Study to Show Thyself Approved?

  What ever happened to Black Preachers actually following the command in the Bible to study to show themselves approved (2 Timothy 2:15)?  I found myself asking this question today as I endured, a rather interesting sermon for Mother's Day.
  For starters, the preacher started of totally wrong when she began preaching against Gay rights, which are human rights. To add insult to injury she started advocating that the hookah phenomena that has taken off in the US is the new version of Marijuana.
  After that unintelligent beginning, I began thinking of how important it is to know what the hell you are talking about when you are making a public speech!!!

 Granted I was up in arms about the whole treachery against Gay rights, but it was apparent that Sister Girl, was not properly informed or educated on what hookah is and is not.  For starters, Hookah is an instrument or device used for smoking or vaporizing flavored tobacco commonly referred to as Shisha. The vapor or smoke is passed through a water basin—often glass-based—before inhalation.
  Now Sister Girl was going on and on, about what it takes to be a good mother, but I really lost interest after she commented that hookah is the newest legal drug.  I so wanted to yell "honey, it is a Persian way of smoking tobacco," so I would help her understand.
  Now this actually made me embarrassed and ashamed for her.  It was obvious that she was so focused on the religious aspect of her sermon that she didn't take the time to really study what hookah is and what hookah is not!!!
  As a minister myself, it is amazing and disappointing at how many preachers are so high and mighty till they are dumb as a door nail!!!  There have been many times that I've caught errors made it historical evidence in sermons, incorrect definitions, and incorrect retellings of the Bible.  It isn't merely an error, but it shows that they are missing one key element of teaching the masses: STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED!!!!
  The Bible says in all thy getting get understanding. I realize that sometimes, especially in the Christian faith, people are so quick to throw judgement on what they don't understand ie HIV/AIDS, Mental Illness, the list goes on.
  God doesn't just want us to be educated in terms of the Gospel, but he wants to be educated about the world around us.
 So what ever happened to Study to Show Thyself Approved?

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