Adventures at the Mall

  So On Thursday Evening after work, one of my good Judies, Brock and I decided to hit the mall in Greenville, SC.  Well the intent was to do some window shopping and to catch up because it has been over a month since we last saw each other.  This is in part due to my crazy work schedule and the fact that I'm currently in a relationship.
  The visit to the mall was filled with laughter, jokes, shade, reads, and fun. Well As I went into one of the shoe stores looking at some pumps, I walked passed a stocky, Caucasian, yet handsome fellow with dark red hair. As I walked by, I heard him say "Damn, Shit."
  I quickly turned around to see that his eyes were glued to me.  Now I am not gonna lie, a girl felt very special, but let's face it my boyfriend does all of that and more for me.  To make the situation more intense was that there were couches and seats right in front of the shoe store.  Well Stocky Red Head, decides to take a seat and watch me shop for my next pair of pumps.  I was hoping my femininity would run him off.
  Much to my chagrin, it turned him on more.  I tried my hardest to ignore him.  See, Brock had an on the spot interview at another store, so I took the liberty to go shopping for some new show gear.  However, Brock later joined me in the shoe store.
  I asked "Brock, you see that stocky white guy over there."
"Girl, Yes. He's fine."
"Is he watching me?"
"Girl He is and he's looking at that ass."
  Mind you I did have on some fitted jeans, and a blue fitted shirt (the one that's in the picture above).  I didn't realize that it hugged my skinny little curves.
  As I looked back at the Stocky Red Head, I saw him slightly fondling himself and attempting to draw my attention to his bulge. Needless to say, I felt uncomfortable, yet flattered, turned off, yet amused.
  So I continued to play it off and talk to my good Judy, and this Son of a biscuit eater began following us around the damn mall.
  "Girl,"  I said, "that motherfucker is following us, and I have a boyfriend," making sure that he heard that I was off the market.
  Apparently that didn't stop him.  He continued to follow us until we got separated by a woman and her clan of bad kids, thankfully.
  I was amused yet annoyed.  Why annoyed?  He was obviously attracted and interested, unlike myself, but instead of saying hello, he just stalked me like some psycho in a horror movie.
  The next adventure that happened, occurred as we exited out of Sephora make up store.
There was this ravishing, handsome, Middle Eastern man selling jewelry. He was about 6 feet even with a low cut.  I noticed him watching me out of the corner of his eye. I thought it was because he was gonna try to make a sale. Bitch, was I Wrong!!! Honey, as I exited Sephora, He missed what a customer was saying to him and began eyeballing me as I walked out of the store. I noticed that Sir ME made sure to make eye contact with me.  I spoke to him and kept walking.
 Again I asked Brock if the guy was watching me.
"Yes, and He's all up in your cakes."
I felt like Loretta Divine in waiting to Exhale for real.  Not to mention I got stared down by an older gentleman who appeared to be flying solo.
  That was the first time in ages, that I've been to a mall and got a lot of attention from men, especially when I'm with my friends.
  Could it be that I was dressed properly, could it be that I gave off an aurora? What gives?
 I know this much, I am happily taken and those guys don't stand a chance with Lady Yaya!!!,