Transracial, Cis-Black? What the Hell? #AskRachel

This Blog post is in no way to demean or shade Rachel Dolezal.

Many of you have heard of the controversy concerning the exposing of Rachel Dolezal to be a White Woman. GASP!!!! There has even been a new phrase coined, one that I find offensive and needs to die quicker than the word Fleek; Trans-racial.
  Can someone explain to me what the hell transracial is? Is that a term meant to denote someone portraying another race, other than what they were born? I hope the hell not. While it is an offensive play on the word transgender, I find transracial to be a term that will quickly piss off many and cause some unnecessary shit to happen. How can one change their race? Let me answer that for you, they can't!!! There is no surgery that you can undergo nor is there a procedure that you can undergo in order to change your race, nationality, or ethnic background.
  Now before you all attack me, I know what you all are saying. "Well, YaYa, Michael Jackson changed his skin color, therefore his race." Let me correct you sugar, sugar boo boo the fool. Michael Jackson NEVER changed his race, he just merely bleached his skin. His reasons are his personal reasons, I'm not here to condemn him just as I am not condemning Rachel, but I'm condemning a word, actions, and an obvious pathological lie.
  Mind you, Michael Jackson never altered his upbringing and his background to fit a fantasy world. Michael Jackson maintained that he was a Man of Color from Gary, Indiana, who grew up to be one of the most talented and awared singers, musicians, and entertainers. So I'll wait while you recover from the bitch slap of truth that you've just received.

  Now back to Rachel: What Rachel did, in my opinion and right to think, was deplorable and wrong!!! Rachel exploited the Black Struggle and Black Culture to say "Hey Look at Me. I'm leadership material. I'm down with the struggle," when in fact she has no idea what is like to REALLY live as a Black Woman, Black Transperson, or a Black Man authentically.  Rachel basically did what THE MOTHERFUCKER MAN did to us in the entertaine men: BLACK FACE!!!
  Rachel basically wore Black face to deceive her fellow man and fight for social justice.  Granted the work she did is applaudable but the way in which she did it and the manner she portrayed herself is simply inexcusable. Rachel could've fought for social justice, civil rights, civil justice, and Black Rights being a caucasian, which is her TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF!!!
  Needless to say, many of you all reading this blog are saying "Well, She and Caitlyn Jenner are the same." Here comes another Bitch Slap of Truth. Caitlyn Jenner changed her Gender!!! Caitlyn did not fabricate her background, nor did she lie about who she was.  Caitlyn finally got the couraged to be the gender that she was to be born as.  Caitlyn is a Transgender human being. It may have taken Caitlyn some time to walk in her truth, but Miss Jenner is walking in her truth, where as There is no way Rachel can call herself a Black Woman. There is no snowball's chance in Hell, she can.
    Now, A person can identify WITH another race, but they sure as hell cannot identify AS another race, especially when your skin color, hair texture, AND everything else denotes that you are that race. You can change your skin color, and even get wigs to change your hair, but your race will always be there No matter if you are Black, White,  or any other race you just can't change your race.
  If you are okay with someone who is a pathological liar, then I question your stability.  A great leader is honest, trustworthy, and lives the full truth!!! With Rachel, I have lost faith in her leadership and I've lost trust of her.  That is something that is VERY difficult to get back. She deceived people for 37 years and lied about her heritage. Michael Jackson and Caitlyn Jenner didn't. LET THAT SINK IN!!!
  Steps off soap box,



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