Being a Black Genderqueer in America #TransLivesMatter

  With the recent murders of 18 Transpeople, 16 of those being People of Color, Women of Color, I have been considering my own mortality.  Why? Well for starters, I'm a Black Genderqueer living in South Carolina.  This is the place where the Charleston 9 were murdered in a worship facility, the Confederate Flag was Finally Taken down from the state house after 150 years, and unfortunately, South Carolina is still ass backwards in time and thinking.
  I recall one day as I began to take a walk in my neighborhood, in early spring 2015, I was dressed and painted for the Gods and I heard a White Man yell "You're a Boy."  I kept walking and ignored him and acted unbothered, when the truth was, I was fearful that he and his Hillbilly boys were going to attack me and beat me just for wearing a scarf, skinny jeans, light blue shoes, and dangling earrings.
  Thankfully I walked away with my life, but I am saddened that my sisters that have been attacked recently were not afforded a chance to live and tell a survivors story.  So as we speak I am writing to advocate for #Translivesmatter.  
    We hear Black Lives Matter so much more than Trans Lives Matter. Should a person's gender identity, determine if they are worth fighting for? Hell No!!! It is times like this where I feel that the same people yelling Black Lives Matter should be Yelling Trans Lives Matter, especially Black Trans Lives!!! 
  Even in the LGBT Community The Trans-family is overlooked, demonized and dehumanized with unrealistic standards of beauty, dictation of transition, and being told they are going to die just for being transgender, non-gender conforming, or genderqueer, Especially adding that they are people of color on top of that.
  Where is the love especially in the Black LGBT Community for my Trans-family? Is it the fact that the Black Community is already homophobic, but when it comes to gender there is always a phobia to those who don't line up with a strict gender identity.  
  Yes there is transphobia in the LGBT Community.  You have Gays and Lesbians that refuse to call Transpeople by the proper pronoun. They disrespect us by calling us the name we've left behind.  
  These are the things that I face as a Genderqueer in America.