♫Musique's Poetry♫ Sits Down With LGBT Artist @Iamduphotmusic (Updates Included)

There’s only one way to describe the vocal styling of the music recording artist Bjorn Duphot; wicked phone-sex turned up! Unapologetic, driven, sexy, and yet very sincere; Bjorn Duphot approaches the creation of music with an executives frame of mind. He craves order, creative chaos, and everything in between.”

       Bjorn Duphot grew up in Willow Grove Pennsylvania, fostered by his grandmother and his uncle. He is the eldest of four children and was taught by his parental figures to be a good leader. Watching his grandmother who was a school teacher, create lesson plans, Bjorn learned the importance of proper planning, preparation, and writing everything down. It was through his passion for writing, that Bjorn initially found his way into writing poetry, song verses and choruses. 
      Bjorn was always a "different" child, standing out among his peers, and often times finding himself to be the subject of their conversations. One of Bjorn's greatest outlets was writing. It was later said by his school teachers, that he had quite a way with words. "You have a unique ability to give voice to your words, causing your readers to be able to hear you speaking, as though they were having an audible conversation with you," one of his teachers told him. Words like these spoken by his teachers, empowered Bjorn, later leading him down the path that would cause him to create his own unique musical style.

      The Bjorn Duphot musical appeal, is to the “Lucid Dreamer.” the person who chooses to exist somewhere between fantasy and reality. Understanding this balance, Bjorn was able to create a unique genre called “French Twist." "French Twist" music is a mixture of international sounds, new wave trance, and sporty avant-garde showmanship. Bjorn likes his songs and lyrics to be catchy, witty, and moving. Euro pop, electronica, house, wicked sexual conversation, fantasy scenario, and crazy catlike charisma; are Bjorn's recipe for creating music with a "twist."  

      Growing up, Bjorn had a fascination for Walt Disney movies and songs. He would watch the movies over and over, sing the songs for hours, and then perform them in his room to an audience of one. "I remember that it was all about the feeling of the songs, I had to get the feeling of songs just right" Bjorn said. 

Q: What inspired you to begin your journey?

A: I’m just a boy with a dream, inspired by the desire to uplift my fellow #LGBT brothers and sisters. I find that the #LGBT community does not have our own singers, who sing songs directly relative to us. I wanted to hear guys singing about their guys, and girls singing about their girls. It’s 2015 and gay marriage was just legalized. It would nice to get married, and not have to borrow songs created for heterosexual couples and audiences. We the #LGBT community need our own music, and that’s what started me on this journey.

Q: Tell me...Who is Bjorn Duphot and where does Bjorn originate?

A: That’s a good question, fortunately I have the answer. Bjorn Duphot was not born; Bjorn Duphot was actually created from a series of ideas. Over the years more and more of those ideas interlocked, forming a cohesive vision. I was not born Bjorn Duphot, I was created Bjorn Duphot; while adapting to the world around me. Bjorn Duphot is sensitive the changes that take place when young children are trying to grow up and find themselves.

Q: How would you describe your style of music?

A: It’s New. The Bjorn Duphot musical appeal, is to the “Lucid Dreamer.” the person who chooses to exist somewhere between fantasy and reality. Understanding this balance, I’ve created a unique genre of music called "French Twist." "French Twist" music is a mixture of international sounds, new wave trance, and sporty avant-garde showmanship. I like my songs and lyrics to be catchy, witty, and moving. Euro pop, electronica, house, wicked sexual conversation, fantasy scenario, and crazy catlike charisma; are my recipe for creating music with a “French Twist.”

Q: Now many people are surprised by your high timbre of voice. How do you react to their surprise?

A: Honestly, it always me smile. I feel like a freak of nature sometimes but, in a good way. I’m an entertainer, and one of the best tricks or tools to possess as an entertainer; is the element of sheer surprise. My voice surprises people and I myself; find that thoroughly entertaining.

Q: How was your upbringing concerning being a member of the LGBT Community?

A: It was actually really damn hard, and it really shouldn’t have been as hard as it was. I have other family members whom are either gay or lesbian. You would think that with me coming along; that I’d fall right into place and receive a lot of support from those family members with my self-actualization. That didn’t happen. I wound up aware of my homosexuality as early as five years of age but, suppressing and denying my homosexuality; until I was roughly about 20 years of age. Not fun mentally and emotionally, not fun at all.

Q: Does religion play an integral role in your life and music?

A: Yes, it actually does. As a child my family had me in church yet, the church I attended was predominately African American. My effeminate behavior was noticeably apparent even as a child, and as a child; I was taunted, ridiculed, bullied, and publicly scorned by adults in powerful positions in my church. To this very day I harbor anger and frustration, stemming my treatment by religious people. I was a child damn it; I was a child. My music centers on undoing every negative hateful word, ever spoken to me by religious people. Those people will never possess the intellect, tools, or skill set to understand a created being such as myself.

Q: I understand that you began in the entertainment industry as a model. How did you get started?

A: I got started by taking a job at a local video store, and paying for classes at Barbizon. Barbizon was a local talent school that helped send hopeful on their way up the ranks of modeling, acting, and entertainment. I actually learned a lot about the execution of modeling, and how serious it would be. A lot of people feel like modeling is a dreamy glamorous job yet, they fail to realize that it’s a REAL job, and that it’s HARD to do. I ended up leaving Barbizon prematurely though. I actually started doing local fashion shows for college and university students. After that, I joined the ranks of struggling models who shuffled ourselves to New York City modeling agency open calls; every week. I mean that too, I started attending agency open calls EVERY WEEK; in the snow, rain, sleet, and ice of the winter. I didn’t get signed even though countless agents repeatedly told me I had “the look” but, I did meet people. I met other models whom were further along in the networking game. With these models, I formed friendships and bonds; while we toughed our way through the New York City “belly of the beast.”

My first break actually came when an interested agency, sent me to a fashion photographer for testing. That fashion photographer turned out to be my dear friend of nearly 10 years now; Joseph Bleu of TheBoxPhoto. Joseph immortalized me, and told me what I needed to do; to really get my foot in the door of modeling. I began weight lifting and building my body like crazy, I kept in touch with Joseph, and I literally started to live in the gym. I keep myself thin, but I’m very strong, and I lift extremely heavily. I now hit the gym five days a week every week, and I’ve been doing that for about ten years now. Upon following Joseph’s instructions, I got a chance to relocate to Paris France for six months to pursue my modeling career there. I had never been on a plane before, much less out of the country but, I put on a brave face; and an all-black tight spandex body suit (true story), and I headed off to Paris.

Upon my arrival in Paris, I was introduced to renowned fashion photographer Ernest Collins. Ernest did a simple test photo shoot with me, and that began to open doors for me. Agencies then began to show interest in me, and the rest is history. I sit before you now a professional singer, and not a professional model (laughs).

Q: (Laughs) Has music always been a part of your life? What peaked your interest in the music business?

A: Yes actually, music has always been a part of my life. My father sang, my mother sang, my grandmother sang, my uncles and aunts sang; everybody sang but, no one did it professionally for whatever reason; until I came along. I suppose what peaked my interest in the business was curiosity. I’ve always sung the way that I do in private, and to my mirror as an audience. Not even my family new how extensive my ability was. I am not classically trained. I am spiritually trained. I truly believe in God, and I use to sing to him every day on my way to school; every day (true story). Singing to God was how I started my mornings.

One day after reading some of the positive responses concerning my vocal ability on my YouTube page (youtube.com/BjornDuphot), I decided that I would no longer waste valuable talent. Right then, I began to pursue a more public platform for my voice, and here I am today.

Q: What are your goals and dreams with your musical ability?

A: My goals and my dreams are actually the same. I plan on just letting the world know that I was here. I plan on documenting and leaving behind the beautiful gift that God gave to me; so that others may come to enjoy its beauty and its splendor. I plan to inspire. My dream is to be heard, and with each passing day, I am heard and understood more and more.

Q: Will you be collaborating with any artist in the future?

A: (Laughing) At this point in time, I don’t have any artist on my radar as far as wanting to work with; just yet. That may be subject to change in the future; one never knows.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

A: I have such a long list of musical influences. I will just name a few: Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton,   and Tarralyn Ramsey. These are all women, and I know that I am a man yet; their vocal ranges spoke to me on a relative level.

Q: Now I understand that you’ve had some other LGBT artists come for you. How would advise up and coming artists to handle their haters and those who feel they are in competition?

A: Whoooo (takes a deep breath) Mmmmm. I would like every up and coming artist to read the answer to this question over and over; whenever they feel down, defeated, or like things are moving fast enough in their lives and careers. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be hurt when you find out that your peers find you threatening. You’re going to vent, you’re going to curse, and you’re going to blow up your social media; calling them everything but a child of god honey but, don’t allow it to stop there. Allow your emotions to come full circle; go from anger to joy and back to anger, and finish in joy. No one has the copyright on who you are as an artist (provided that you didn’t sign yourself away in haste). Believe in yourself, and in what you are doing. Remember why you started branding yourself in the first place, and when those haters rise, and you are done reading them for filth; pick yourself up. Remember that you are a talented diva created by God. Remember that you have a purpose that outshines the hatred of your peers. Remember that if your peers have problems with the fact that you got the golden goose as a present from the divine, learn to say these two words: SO WHAT, and keep on stepping.

Q: Is there currently a love interest?

A: A love interest (laughing)? All my love interests are currently interest in my head. My love interests don’t even know that I’m interested, and I suppose that that is healthy for me; for now.
Love interest (laughing)????

Q: (Laughs) I'm watching you (laughs). Where do you find your inspiration to write?

A: To be honest, my inspiration to write comes from above. I truly believe that I have conversations with God; conversations in which I do most of the listening. I hear the music in my head. I hear the melodies, and I hear the lyrics all at once. I simply spend time writing down what I hear. It’s like a download from God to me.  I also believe that is the mark of a true artist and a psalmist, to have a deep connection to the divine. We as human beings didn’t create ourselves, and I am aware of that at all times. I listen, I write, and I receive.

Q: The marks of a Psalmist. Now I can really see the influence of the church. Outside of music and business what do you enjoy doing?

A: I enjoy lifting weights and spending time with my family. I am always creating music 24/7, so when I’m not creating music; I am with my family.

Q: What can we expect from Bjorn in the near future?

A: A lot of fire and music (laughing). I’m currently preparing to release about eighteen to twenty new songs in the year 2016. After that, I will start looking into more public platforms to showcase my abilities live.

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