The Fed's Take Down RentBoy: Is This An Attack on the LGBT Community?

  Ain't this some ish? The Feds have shut down famed sex site,  No Lie they actually did. On August 25th, the federal government arrested CEO Jeffrey Hurant and 6 employees, as well as took boxes and servers in a raid that was part of a sting operation.
  They have been charged with male prostitution....Wait what about all the heterosexual sites that promote heterosexual prostitution and female prostitution?  Can homeland security find a better way to spend our money, like finding actual terrorists and not arresting people trying to make a living the best they know how.
  Let's talk about the people that sell sex to make it through college or to keep from being homeless.  I think it is time for the decriminalization of sex workers. That has been the oldest profession in the books. What is so cheesy is that they chose to take down an lgbt site. Really.