Don't Ask About My Genitals: Advice from a GenderQueer/Trans Person of Color

  I have some advice to those who are curious about MTF, FTM, and Other Transgender people. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ABOUT GENITALS OR DICK!!!
  Why am I giving this advice?  Well Let's see, It is fucking RUDE!!!  It is disrespectful.  This advice comes after a Facebook message that The Priestess received on last night.  In it a man that we'll call "Daddy O,"  who knows what the Priestess is working with in the Penile region, stated that he saw that I was transitioning and that he loved that I had a nice penis. He simply asked "What are you going to do with it." He also stated that he was hoping that I would not get rid of it.
  I was taken aback at his ignorance. I was also irritated as hell.  For starters I did want to tell him "Sir, You don't own any parts of me. So you cannot dictate my transition and what I do with my body."  I felt as if I had been violently violated and prodded and controlled.  I was pissed.  
  However, this Priestess put on her crown and simply told him that my transition is still in the works and that decision rests with me. Later, Did Daddy O apologize for asking about my genitals and penis.
  Please do not ask Transgender Person about their genitalia.  That does not make them whole nor does it define them!!! Please also do not place demands on what they should do with their genitalia.  That is a low form of disrespect. Please DO NOT ASK ABOUT MY DICK!!! When you do you are attempting to dictate how I should transition. You do not have that right. You may get a "fuck your opinion" or a simple "fuck you."
  Please Don't Do It!!!!


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