Never Be A Shitty Bottom

  There is nothing worse than meeting a shitty bottom.  What is a shitty bottom? Well I'm glad you asked.  A Shitty bottom is a Black Gay man who loves to take dick but does not properly prepare.  Whenever the bottom doesn't properly prepare it can literally be a shitty situation.
  I had the unpleasant experience of dealing with a shitty bottom. Let's say I literally fucked the shit out of him.  When you can smell the "paint" then you're in deep shit...No pun intended.
  How can a bottom properly prepare? I'm glad you asked. Here are some tips that will help you be an excellent and clean bottom.

1. Use a Damn Enema

 Please use a damn enema. This is pretty much self explanatory.  If you've eaten a lot during the day and are anticipating a good ole dick down then you might want to take some time to make sure those bowels are cleaner than a whistle. Also make sure that you fleet it out at least an hour and 45 minutes to 3 hours before getting the dick. That way your booty hole will be relaxed and that you will be less tense.

2. Suppositories

 You can also use suppositories.  Suppositories are gel capsules that you insert in the anus ( your ass for those that didn't listen in biology class).  Suppositories take any wear from 30 minutes to an hour to work and begin the cleaning process. This may be safer than the enema because the enema can have a risk of tearing the tissue in the anal area. With everything USE CAUTION!!!


  Please do your top a favor and DO NOT EAT BEFORE TAKING THE DICK. If you must eat make sure that you eat a few hours prior to taking the dick so that it will have time to come out in a good nice bowel movement!!!

4. Have a Healthy Diet Rich in Fiber!!!

 Since we're discussing eating, make sure that you are eating plenty of fiber.  Fruits, vegetables, and whole grain as well as granola can help you have regular and smooth bowel movements. A Good bottom knows the value of fiber along with PLENTY OF WATER IN THEIR DIET!!!

5. Don't Be Scared to a Fast

  Don't be scared to fast. Fasting is not just for religious purposes but it also has great health benefits. However fasting for at least twelve hours to 8 hours before you take the dick will guarantee that you won't end up serving your top some brown gravy straight from Anal Glory's Kitchen.

6. Invest in an Anal Douche

  Do not be so cheap that you cannot invest in a good anal douche. Anal douches are specifically made to clean out the anal region so that your top won't pull out a dookey stick!!!  You can fill this up with water and flush out your bowels. Make sure that you slightly lubricate the tip so that it easily fits in.

    With these six tips, your cockriding voyage will be clean and pleasurable one. Be sure to use a condom and plenty of water based lube!!!! Also know your status and know your partners status.
What are some of the ways that you keep from serving gravy?


  1. Terrific advice, Lil Buddy! Let's both hope the message is heeded! Thanks for posting this! Love and naked hugs!


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