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South Carolina's Erskine College Bans Homosexuality After Two Volleyball Players Come Out

Last year Juan Varona and Drew Davis found acceptance with their college volleyball team after coming out as Gay in the rural South Carolina College, Erskine College.
  Well, Since these two athletes have come out, Erskine College has issued a heavily worded denouncement of homosexuality that many read to be a behavorial ban.  As you know Erskine College is one of those backwoods, bigoted, fundamentalist Christians Schools in the backwoods, Jim Crowe, South Carolina.The Document titled "Statement on Human Sexuality,"was issued by the Student Services and Athletic Committee and adopted by the board of trustees last Friday. This does create an unsafe environment for LGBT Students and Faculty alike.  The hilarious and bigored Statement Reads:

“We believe the Bible teaches that monogamous marriage between a man and a woman is God’s intended design for humanity and that sexual intimacy has its proper place only within the context of marriage. “Sexual relations outside of marria…

Raven-Symone Dre's Lesbian Sister on 'Black-ish'

Raven-Symone will be heading to the set of the ABC hit show "Black-ish." She will be playing Dre's (Anthony Anderson) Lesbian sister, who is not quite comfortable discussing her sexuality.  Raven-Symone will appear an episoded titled "Please Don't Ask, Please Don't Tell."
Raven-Symone, a Child Star is known for her roles on "The Cosby Show,""Hangin' With Mr. Cooper," and the Disney Hit "That's So Raven." She recently made her television comeback on an episode of the FOX Hit Show "Empire."

Happy Birthday to @MusedMagOnline @DrewShane

♫Musique's Poetry♫ would like to wish Mused Online, The Authoritative Voice for Modern Black Gay Men A Very Happy Birthday. Editor-in-Chief, Drew-Shane Daniels and Company have given us three glorious years of advice, fashion, commentary, and thought provoking articles that will cause us Black Gay Men to examine ourselves.      I discovered Mused Online in 2012 actually and it has been apart of my life ever since. I am thankful that I discovered and have held on to Mused Online. I advice you all to subscribe today!!!! Love ya, Yannick T.

B. Slade Slays "Greatest Love of All" #WhitneyHouston #KellyPrice #BSlade


Don't Pout, Give Thanks and Shout

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#GameOfWar Get It Today For #Android and #iPhone

For my Gamers, You need to get into Game of War: Fire Agethis game is addictive and fun!!!! It is currently available for Android and iOS. I'm sure many of you all saw the SuperBowl Trailer Featuring Kate Upton, well you must experience Game of War for yourself.   Features include:

Sex, Lies, and Social Media

We all are familiar with the infamous dating/hook up called Jack'd. I admit that is how I met my current boyfriend. So far so good.   However this week has been one of those weeks were I've run into some fake bastards.  This week I've ran into dudes who claim they are looking for friends, but then when you begin to chit and chat, here comes the famous "unlock your pictures," or the unwanted nude.   Now first off, I don't have private pictures. Secondly, I didn't ask for your nudes.  For you to want to so called be friends, your hormones are telling on you.  The whole conversation with some of these guys have changed.   Then you have those who stunt and front on Jack'd as if they are ballers and shot callers, but when you see them in public or if you go out with them you're stuck paying the bill or either they are having to ride with someone.  You don't have to have an Ashton Martin or a Million Dollars, but at least have your own shit if yo…

Eye Make Up Tutorial by Yannick

via IFTTTA Follow up to my First Make Up Tutorial. EYE MAKE UP!!!! Destination DMV: Yannick's Music: A Follow up to my First Make Up Tutorial. EYE MAKE UP!!!! Destination DMV: Yannick's Music:

Getting Back To Me

It has been a very long time since I've sat my happy booty down and wrote in this blog.  One reason is that I had been sick with a stomach virus. Then as I recuperated I broke my laptop charger and I just got a new one a couple days ago. Then I had to make a trip to the DMV for an even that later got cancelled due to a snow storm.     I can't complain, though. I needed this break. I needed some time away to regroup and to refresh myself.  We have to do that so that we won't lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life.  I am also thankful for my current lover.    Mr. Lover Boy has encouraged me to just enjoy life and have fun more often without stressing over things that are out of my control.  Look for it. Some exciting and new things are about to happen for this blog.  love ya, Yannick

Ask Yannick Ep 3: How Do You Handle Fickle People?

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