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"Tell Me" @CRZYREGGIE & Giovonnie Lovaaboy featuring @TsMadisonATL1


I'm Taking a Leap of Faith

There are times in our life where we must take leaps of faith and must take a chance on something that will greatly benefit us.  Right now I am in this place.  Right now I am contemplating some moves that will greatly benefit me in the area of my music career, and liberating myself from the humdrum of working a 9-5.  This is one reason why I am stepping up my game with this blog.    Many people have asked why I haven't been blogging as much, well the truth is that I've needed some time away to evaluate some things about my life and about what I really want out of life.  I am doing the best I can to audition with a heavy work schedule as well as keep the creative juices flowing.     I've even started a crowdfunding to help me jump start my music career.  I'm trying to make waves for myself. However, I'm staying patient and resilient that God will answer my prayers soon.   I'm stepping out on that NOW faith principle. Selah, Yannick


Merc B and Q Advises us on the deadly behaviors that we as gay men should avoid. Check it out!!!!

I Should Be Laughing: School Founder Rants About Black People At Graduation

I Should Be Laughing: Minute Rave: Stephen Colbert Steps Up For SC Schools

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Join the @NAACP in the fight against Racial Profiling

Hub+: Ports, Power, Portability

If you have breezed this blog, then you know that I am a technology freak!!! I recently discovered the Hub+, which has a Kickstarter to get this product rolling!!!
  The Hub+ is by Nonda and is made for the Mac Book.  It allows you to work as you need. It includes 2 USB-C ports, 1 SDXC card reader, 1 Display Port, and 3 USB-A Charging ports.  You can charge ANY phone with the built in lithium ion battery!!!
  It is ideal for travel. The Hub+, is light weight and has a durable aluminum alloy construction.  You can charge your Mac book while using the hub.
Starting at $79 and including a 24k gold-plated option, Hub+ is a one of its kind hub with on-the-go charging capabilities for any phone. Check it out Below!!!!

They Aren't Gay Rights, They Are Human Rights

In the fight for equality, why is there a distinction when it comes to Equality for Everyone?
  I've wondered this for quite sometime.  I hate when people say "Lord they are petitioning for Gay Rights."
  No baby, we are wanted basic human rights that are owed to us!!! We want the right to marry the man or woman that we love, regardless of if it is the Same Gender or a different gender. If we are two consenting adults, why can't we have the same right to marry whom we love.
  We also want the right to live and not be killed or told we can't be served because of our sexual orientation. Really, why is whom we choose to have sex with important to you?
  Of course people use the guise of religion to discriminate.  What if we began discriminating against people who are overweight, because we are taught that gluttony is a sin? What if we  refused someone service, because they ate shellfish and we don't eat shellfish because it is unclean? What if we refused se…

What Happened to Study to Show Thyself Approved?

What ever happened to Black Preachers actually following the command in the Bible to study to show themselves approved (2 Timothy 2:15)?  I found myself asking this question today as I endured, a rather interesting sermon for Mother's Day.
  For starters, the preacher started of totally wrong when she began preaching against Gay rights, which are human rights. To add insult to injury she started advocating that the hookah phenomena that has taken off in the US is the new version of Marijuana.
  After that unintelligent beginning, I began thinking of how important it is to know what the hell you are talking about when you are making a public speech!!!