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Rest in Power to the King of Pop

It's Been 6 years Since You Entered into Eternal Rest. May your legacy live on!!!Rest in Peace, King Michael Jackson!!!

♫Musique's Poetry♫

God Made A Masterpiece


Dear Confederate Flag...I Hope You Die!!!

Dear Confederate Flag, I hope you die a rather painful death. It is only befitting. Aren't you aware that the South Lost? While it may be the White Heritage, It is NOT this Black Queer's Heritage. What I remember about you is that you are a symbol of hatred, violations of a race of people, their civil rights, and a sin against their existence. Dear Confederate Flag, I hope you die. While your ignorant backwoods
bigots yell
"It is our heritage,"
It only represents a faded glory.
You oppressed my people.
While the cry of heritage rings,
The Fact remains that White Supremacy Groups IE
the KKK, Neo Nazis,
Aryan Assholes,
used it as a symbol for their hate.
I hope you die.
No I don't regret.
I hope you die
and burn in hell,
An Angry Black Queer

Baskit Wear ? Ribbed Low Rise Trunk

Janet Jackson-No Sleep #NEWMUSIC

Janet Jackson is BACK!!! Days after announcing her new tour, Janet has released a new track with the talents of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Janet delivers a sultry, seductive hit with "No Sleep." Check it out below. It is also available on  iTunes:
Google Play:

Season of No