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NWA's "Fuck Da Police" and It's Revelation of Today

Some of you all may be too young to remember, N.W.A, the world's most dangerous rap group, from the 1980s, that featured, Ice Cube, Dr Dre, MC Ren, Eazy-E, and DJ Yella. They brought us the controversial, prolific hit "Fuck Da Police," which garnered nationwide attention as well as raised the hairs on the FBI's head.   As I look back over the last few years and see the deaths of minorities ie Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, Mya Shawatza Hall , Sandra Bland, and Countless others, even a 17 year old recently murdered in Seneca, SC, It is quite evident that NWA's parody of a trial against the law enforcement in America is relevant in today's society.   I must warn you, that what I'm about to write is about to get very graphic, but it shows how I feel as a young Black Genderqueer in America.    For starters as I look at the Black Men, Cis Women, Transmen, and Transwomen murdered by police and unfortunately for some there has not been any earthly justice, I fee…

I'm Over It

I'm Over It. I'm over the lies, the bitterness, the abuse, the misuse, and all the stress that you've placed on me. I'm over your damn burdens. I'm over the bullshit that you've put me through. I'm over the harm that you've done to me. I'm over you non acceptance. This Bitch Right Here, Is no longer an angry Bitch. They are a Proud Black GenderQueer, Living life to the fullest.
I'm over you not living your truth. I'm over your mysogynistic, patriarchal, Religiously bigotted mentality. I'm over the self hatred. I'm over it!!! I'm most definitely over you. By the way. FUCK YOU!!!!

TransGriot: 50th Anniversary Of The Signing Of The Voting Rights Act

@DishwithDarrell Women and Men Stop Lying

Have You had "The Dish With Darrell?" It is always served piping hot and classy, by the host Darrell. In his recent installment, he demands that Men and Women, to please stop lying!!!! Get into the served dish below!!!!

Malachi- Bitch Unlock Your Pictures

Malachi is a North Carolina Based Entertainer. Recently he took Rihanna's "BBHMM (Bitch Betta Have My Money)" and expressed The bullshit that we LGBT Family go through on Social Dating Apps. He simply asks "Bitch Unlock Your Pictures"