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Break Ups and Open Doors

Happy Thursday Everyone
I pray that all is well with you all.
Well The last couple days have been quite an experience for me.
For starters me and my beau that I bragged so much about,
broke up a couple days ago. The reason for the break up was due to me not accepting 
responsibility for a mess that HE made out of his life.

For those that know me, you know that I REFUSE to take responsibility for someone else's 
decisions and laziness. He then began to make transphobic and self hating posts on Instagram.
Kudos to him for being an asshole.
He told me that I was his anger and embarrassment, because I am genderqueer and feminine. His
thoughts are that men who transition to women are running away from being a man and that
they need to man up. Which is some of the most dumb shit I've ever heard.
However I'm not letting his insecurity, narcissism and bitterness affect me.
It did hurt because I loved him and I held him down when no one else would..
However doors have opened up fo…

RIP Aaliyah Jan 16, 1979 - Aug 25, 2001

Jan 16, 1979 - Aug 25, 2001
It's been 14 years since you left this Earth.  Your Music and Legacy Lives on Rest in Power Aaliyah. Thank you for sharing your gift with us

The Fed's Take Down RentBoy: Is This An Attack on the LGBT Community?

Ain't this some ish? The Feds have shut down famed sex site,  No Lie they actually did. On August 25th, the federal government arrested CEO Jeffrey Hurant and 6 employees, as well as took boxes and servers in a raid that was part of a sting operation.
  They have been charged with male prostitution....Wait what about all the heterosexual sites that promote heterosexual prostitution and female prostitution?  Can homeland security find a better way to spend our money, like finding actual terrorists and not arresting people trying to make a living the best they know how.
  Let's talk about the people that sell sex to make it through college or to keep from being homeless.  I think it is time for the decriminalization of sex workers. That has been the oldest profession in the books. What is so cheesy is that they chose to take down an lgbt site. Really.

Musique's Playlist for the Week

Hey Family, I pray that your Monday was well. Here are some songs from my playlist to get you through the week, Love ya, Yannick

♫Musique's Poetry♫ Sits Down With LGBT Artist @Iamduphotmusic (Updates Included)

There’s only one way to describe the vocal styling of the music recording artist Bjorn Duphot; wicked phone-sex turned up! Unapologetic, driven, sexy, and yet very sincere; Bjorn Duphot approaches the creation of music with an executives frame of mind. He craves order, creative chaos, and everything in between.”
       Bjorn Duphot grew up in Willow Grove Pennsylvania, fostered by his grandmother and his uncle. He is the eldest of four children and was taught by his parental figures to be a good leader. Watching his grandmother who was a school teacher, create lesson plans, Bjorn learned the importance of proper planning, preparation, and writing everything down. It was through his passion for writing, that Bjorn initially found his way into writing poetry, song verses and choruses.        Bjorn was always a "different" child, standing out among his peers, and often times finding himself to be the subject of their conversations. One of Bjorn's greatest outlets was writi…