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Girl Keep Moving

I've had to tell myself that the last couple days. "Ya-Ya, Keep Moving. The situation wasn't good for you."  Thankfully I've had family and friends that have pushed me and kept me going since my break up from the Jackass, D.A..
  As I focus on my transition, I realize that I'm a diamond and I should not be treated like glass.  I don't have to beg or jump through hoops to be loved. 
  Earlier this week, I told a friend of mine that my love life is like a Phyllis Hyman album: depressed, full of lonely songs, and failed relationships.  It started off as a joke, but then I began to internalize that.
"Bitch, Stop It," my sanity yelled!!! As I write this post, I just got fussed out by a good friend about moving on and just spending some time enjoying myself for a change. That is what I intend to do. I'm going to enjoy my life and get back to the things that I enjoy.  
  Girl, Keep Moving,

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