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"Don't Stop" Sylvester James Cover and Tribute


The Wiz NBC Presentation Review


Being Overlooked Part 1: The Talent

There are times in life in which we are the lead singer and there are times when we are the background singer.  If you know anything about the stage, the lead singer is always noticed and is always up in the people's face, while the background is usually behind the singer protected and hidden by the shadows of the stage or even by stage props.     Well being in the background often time causes us to be overlooked. It is not always a good feeling to be overlooked. It can cause us to feel worthless, broken, and like our whole existence is in vain.   Well This is a feeling I've known most of my life. As a singer, student, writer, and now, recording artist, there are times when I feel overshadowed by my peers' success. I may have worked my ass off to get this opportunity, but still things don't always go my way.   I had that unpleasant experience this past weekend at a talent show at a club. My talent was singing the late Sylvester James' "Don't Stop."…

American Horror Story Hotel Ep 8 "The Ten Commandments Killer" Review


@TheStarReport4U Loving You Is Painful

Luckey of the Starr Report, is one of my favorite mentors, Youtubers and Bloggers.
  In a recent video, Luckey talks about when "Loving You is Painful."
  In this video and Wednesday Sermon, Luckey talks about letting go of unhealthy emotional relationships and learning when to let go of a friendship. Check him out below,

@carterpeace1990 The Golden Gyrados' Response to Misgendering #NSFW

The Golden Gyrado has one of the greatest radio shows on Youtube. The Golden Gyrado sounds off on Misgendering in his latest video.

Religious Pacification as Told By Pastor. Rico Beasley Mungin

Powerful Words from a Man of God!!!

#NEWMUSIC Yannick Taylor "Who I Am"

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World AIDS Day 2015

Today Is World AIDS Day Educate yourself and others. Let's Get to Zero. Let End the Stigma!!! What will you do?