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These are some things that I'm leaving in 2015.
Transphobia: I will not let transphobia affect my transitionPeople's Opinions: If You are Not Paying My Bills then your opinion ain't shitFamily Problems that no one wants to deal with: I didn't create these problems, they were here before I got here. Just because you want to sweep things under the wrong doesn't mean it is mine to deal withHIV/AIDS Stigma: People please educate yourselves and let's end the stigmaPettiness: Can we please grow the fuck up!!!!Exes: It is my time to shine and I'm letting go of my crazy as exesWorrying about the Future: The future is what I make it. If people don't like it, then they can go to hell.Anger: I'm doing with being angry over other people's stupidityRacism and every other ism:  These things will be conqueredAllowing peoples goodness to control: Just because you've been kind to me doesn't mean I owe you a damn thing.

Murry Krimmas


@VenusSelenite For Sinners Saved by VooDoo Queens

Life isFor Sinners Saved by VooDoo Queens!!! My Heart, Partner in Crime, Spoken word artists, Trans activist, and Black TransWomyn Venus Selenite  speaks and educates on Social Injustice, Black Lives, Gender Identity, Sexuality, Religion and More.
  I urge you to check out her enriching For Sinners Saved by VooDoo Queens!!! It Will Enrich Your Life. Available on Bandcamp Now!!!!

Check it out Below!!! For Sinners Saved By Voodoo Queens by Venus Selenite

Your Issues Are Not Mine

As I continue in my transition process and as I seek to really heal from emotional wounds and bullshit that has been plaguing me since forever and a day, I've decided on a few things. This comes after much prayer, fasting, writing, crying, arguing, cursing, and breaking shit!!! It is time for me to tell you all that love to put your bullshit problems on me and make me bare what you don't want to deal with. As I begin a new year and end this year I refuse to carry decades old baggage with me into 2016. As a result I've decided to focus on healing myself and my well being. As I also transition further and become the Beautiful Black Priestess that God has created me to be, I'm letting other peoples problems be their problems; NOT MINE!!!
  For so many years I've internalized other peoples bullshit that it's affected my adulthood and me being able to maintain relationships and it's also fucked up my ability to be comfortable with myself. As of  December 2…