"Greenleaf" and the Black Church Part 1: Denial and Secrets

  Let's talk about the dynamic new show on the OWN Network, "Greenleaf." Many of you have tuned in to this riveting show that Chronicles the life of the Greenleaf and McCready Families. The drama includes sexual abuse, sexual identity, religion, homosexuality in the church, and the greed of Black Preachers aka Pimps in the pulpit.
  The show opens with the funeral of children's church teacher and minister Faith Greenleaf. The Prodigal Daughter , Grace better known as GiGi has returned home in order to avenge her sister's death.  It is revealed later in the first couple episodes that Faith was sexually abused by her Uncle Mac.  However this issue of Uncle Mac's pedophilia has been hidden and denied. This is one of many issues faced on the show.
  This got my mind to thinking as I sipped on my White Zinfandel.  Why does the Black Church shout, pray, and sing over common issues that affect the Black Community?  We all know that sexual abuse happens especially in the church.  Those in authorty often abuse their authority in order to get close and to victimize people especially those they seem more vunerable and less likely to pose a threat.

  As I watched the current episodes, I've often wondered why is it that the Black Church often denies and hide the fact that Men and Women are often sexually abused by minsters, church musicians, and deacons?  They even keep these people on salary. Is it because of the talent and the crowd that these perverts bring to the church? Is it that they want to be blamless before the king?
  How can the church be blameless when they are refusing to "know the truth" in order to be set free?  I say this from experience. In my time of serving in the Black Church I recall a sex offender being able to operate in a local church as a musician and I was thoroughly pissed when I found out he was baptizing my 13 year old nephew.  Honestly that church and everyone in it should've been sued, but for some reason the Down Low Pastor (which we'll touch on in Part 2) hid that from the people and kept it hush hush.
  The Black Church and Black Families often feel that sexual abuse is a White Person thing. I have news. It isn't darling. Did you know that People of Color have been victims of sexual abuse for centuries? I guess they forgot how massa beat us, raped us, and deflowered our innocence.  Apparently the Black Church still, unfortunately has the slave mentality.
  Now if you watch the show closely, Uncle Mac has paid off his victims and extorted them in order to keep up appearances that he is squeaky clean. You know what I say; "Bitch Please."
  This goes straight to the fact that the Black Church has admonished people to wear a church mask. Well what is the Priestess saying? The Priestess is saying that the Black Church has taught us to hide our pain and that God is a healer.
 However God wants us to be active in seeking that healing. In one of the latest episodes, Gigi aka Grace aka the Prodigal Daughter, starts a group for sexual abuse survivors and those who are still dealing with that pain.  So why can't the Black Church be more open about the real issues? When will we take off the mask?

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