"Greenleaf" and the Black Church Part 2: Prostitution of the Blaqueer

  For those who have kept up with one of the two Gay Story Lines in Oprah's new show "Greenleaf"   , you know that I'm about to go the fuck OFF about the prostitution of the Blaqueer community and the bullshit we often go through in the Black Church.
  In the last couple episodes of Greenleaf a new praise and worship leader by the name of Carlton Cruise, played by actor Parnell Damone Marcano, is sought out by The Bishop's singing daughter, Charity, played by Deborah Joy Winans (yes she's Bebe and Cece's Sister). Now the shade is that Charity's husband Kevin Saterlee played by Tye White is on the Downlow but we'll hit that point later.

   Now Charity and the previous minister of music have had words and he's out of the door. In comes Carlton Cruise who is an unregrettably and openly Queer Black Man.  During the interview of Carlton, he discloses his sexuality and that he has a partner.  It later is revealed that he has sued previous employers due to discrimination, however Charity claims that she doesn't discriminate, but we'll see when she finds out that her husband is part of the Blaqueer community.
  Anyway, Charity and Mac the Pedophile go head to head with hiring Carlton. However he is hired on a trial basis due to his sexuality.  This exposes and deals with the prostitution of the Blaqueer and Trans communities by the Black Church.
  You know what I mean...They love us when we do their hair, sing at their musicals, but at the first chance they get they demonize us, dehumanize, and bash us with the almighty Word of God. Rev. Dr E. Dewey Smith said it best "You can't evangelize and antagonize."
  However it is funny, that Pastor Homophobe  is secretly hitting up the boys for the good ole church meat sitting right in the pulpit right before and after he bashes exactly what he is. Not to mention that Sister Eatit Right Loves bashing the Blaqueer Family while she's secretly eating or getting eaten out...Ooops did I say that? Yes the Hell I did.
  I will never forget that I was once minister of music at a church where the bastard Pastor invited me in his office and started sizing me. Honey I was young queer, but I knew when a man wanted the goods. Needless to say he didn't get them.  What really stuck out is that He then bashed the same community he was apart of from the pulpit. Not long after I left that church we would run into other and it was like he saw a ghost...Needless to say that I knew alot of people who knew his tea, but I'm not one to expose anyone, I'll let Lady Karma do it.
  It is sad that Blaqueer people are basically done the same way that Massa did the slaves throughout history. They demonize, but want us to make their ministry look fabulous, but they can't even show us the love the Jesus Christ preached about.  Even with the Tragic events in Orlando very few Black Churches spoke about the tragedy. Most were blaming the tragedy on their sexual orientation...Did they know that Straight, Cis Het People sacrificed their lives to protect loved ones?  
  A couple Sundays ago I received a great shocked when a great Pastor that I love and respect spoke candidly about the atrocities and how wrong the Church was concerning the Orlando tragedy.  If it wasn't  for the Blaqueer Community the Black Church wouldn't have any choirs, ministers, ushers, and deacons. Hell, It wouldn't even be a church.
  Things are all fine and dandy until someone breaks the church's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy." It is simply We won't ask and we don't want you to tell.  We are often beaten with the message of deliverance and the condemnation of hell fire and damnation if we love the same gender again: Bitch Please!!!
  The craziness of it all is that the church seems to be stuck on sexuality instead of combatting sexual abuse, mental illness, and theives in the church. I thought no sin was greater than the other?
  One thing I will make sure that I won't be the token and the church's secret weapon while being condemned for being a Black Trans Diva!!!