Being Transgender and Facing The Gay Community

  Well the last few hours have been VERY interesting.  I was on a social media site and I did a forum post on celibacy and this is the response I got:

look at this bitch making a thread about celibacy, hoe dont no nigga want yo busted ass. celibacy comes natural to ugly bitches like you LMAOOOO!!!!!! 

in other news you a ugly ass transvestite donkey witch 

  Granted I don't know and don't care to know who this homophobic, Black Gay Male who obviously is smitten with my beauty is, but this comment illustrates a common issue in the Gay Community. Especially one that prevails in the Black Gay Community, Transphobia and Hatred towards transwomen. 
  This is not the first time I've experienced it, but it is just horrible. Notice he called me a transvestite in which I'm not. I refused to go back and forth with this ignorant fool, however the jackass did inspire this post.
  During my year and a half of transitioning I've received hate mail, public comments, and even fake profiles made about me to disregard my existence as a Transwoman of color.  The perpertrators have been Black Queer individuals.  Comments rage from how I still look "manly" or hard in the face or that I'm too dark or just plain ugly.  Now I may not have started HRT or had any feminization surgeries which really aren't required, but I am still a transwoman. I live and I identify as such.
  Why is it so hard for transwomen to get respect around here?  Is it because we live in a patriarchal and religiously driven society that demands that transwomen are still men, but only wearing wigs? Is it because of the Bathroom bills and constant ignorance?  Yes it is all of these things.
  It is sad when you are transwoman just beginning the transition and people that are supposed to be in your community say that you aren't trans enough or that you require expensive work like Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox.  It is troublesome and VERY disrespectful.
  It is fucked up enough that we police women's bodies but transwomen get it two times harder.  We are demanded to wear pounds of make up and tons of weaves to fit a status quo.  Cis women don't wear pounds of make up and aren't required to have all this weave and extensions.  
  Why the harsher standards for transwomen? When will the bull shit end?
  Don't get me wrong. Not all Black Queers are that harsh on transwomen. You have some that are an actual support to transwomen and take the time to understand what being transgender is and what it is not.  When will we all come together and love each other?


  1. People need to chill with their comments. You are beautiful inside and out. I love you. ��������-tavera

    1. Thanks, Sis. I just let it put m eon a pedastal and use it as strength


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