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The Kitchen Table Reunion #TheOscars #StaceyDash and More


Endow Me The Clark Sisters


Tweet Releases New Song ‘Magic’ / Unveils ‘Charlene’ Album Tracklist

Southern hummingbird Tweet is cooing a new tune named ‘Magic.’ This uptempo melody is from her upcoming LP "Charlene." It will be released on February 26!!!!
The Track List and Single is Below!!!! Check out this awesome collaboration with Missy Elliot!!!
CHARLENE Track Listing:
Intro: Soulfully Yours, CharleneMagicWon’t Hurt MePricelessInterlude: All I See Is YouSomebody Else Will (Feat. Missy Elliott)AddictedNeva Shouda Left YaThe Hardest ThingGot Whatcha WantInterlude: Will You Be HereI Didn’t KnowDadada…..StruggleI Was Created For ThisOutro: I SurrenderBonus Tracks on Best Buy exclusive edition:
   16. Somewhere Out There
17. Fool No Mo

Hard Versus Soft: The Demand to Pass

Being a Transwoman is hard enough. It is even harder when people require you to pass. Let me clarify what The Priestess is saying.
  Passing in the Transgender Community means that is successfully scene and acknowledge as the gender that they are portraying. For example as a transwoman it is considered a travesty if you look "hard in the face" or have any resemblance to that of a man.  If you look "hard" you will get called a "brick" instead of soft and cunt.
  As an trangender recording artist, I get the same schpill from my peers; "Yannick you should work on looking softer."  In the back of my mind I'm thinking "Bitch am I a damn pillow?"
  Let me educate you Cis gender people on something. When a person transitions they do not do the transition to please you, but to please themselves. They are not trying to be the next beauty queen or next big star, they are just trying to be liberated and wanting to be loved.  The constant g…