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Shade and Tea #Ep 1: The Intro


@MrBlackBranson Discusses the Things that Pisses Him Off About the Transgender Community

Romario Wanliss, aka Mr. Black Branson,  founder of "PureGender" an online shop for people in the Transgender community, Multimedia Entrepreneur and Speaker, has captivated the attention of many people.

The Priestess is Back

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!! The Priestess is BACK!!!!  So many of you are wondering "where the hell have you been, girl." Well I've been living, refreshing, and getting a much deserved healing for myself.  Healing is necessary for us all. However, I'm still in a healing season, so please be patient as I get back into the groove of things.

@Cher Compares Hitler and Trump in Recent Twitter Post #TriggerWarning

Iconic Entertainer, Singer, Musician, Actress, and Humanitarian, Cher has really exposed Trumps, Hitleristic Ideals, via Twitter.
Sound off Family!!!