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Stop the Shade Against Laverne Cox

Listen up everybody, The Priestess has something to say.  First things first!!!
I am very proud of Laverne Cox for her portrayal of "Dr. Frank N Furter" in the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, that aired this passed week.  Ms. Cox slayed and she did NOT disappoint!!
  However one thing that has been troubling my spirit is the amount of shade and backlash that Laverne Cox has been receiving from the Black Trans Community.  It is just shameful.  Here we have a historical, monumental moment for the Black Trans Community where a Black Transwoman is getting the spot light in an iconic role that has been played by traditionally white cis het males and all you can do is call her acting in a cult classic a set back for Black Transwoman. Darling, your shade is a set back for the Black Trans Community.
  Let me educate you on something. Laverne Cox is an actor. She's doing her job in which she gets paid for which is ....You guessed it, ACTING!!! She's doing what  she has t…

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Being Transgender and Facing The Gay Community

Well the last few hours have been VERY interesting.  I was on a social media site and I did a forum post on celibacy and this is the response I got: