Dear Black Families: The Intro

  This blog post my shake some people to the core, but as a blogger and a realist living in the reality that I'm living in, as a Black Transgender Woman Living in a Black Family, I really don't care. I'm simply expressing an uncomfortable truth and conveying some much needed advice for the Black Family Unit.

  1. Stop Pimping Your Kids:  This should be self explanatory. Your kids are NOT your cash cow.  Stop using your kids giftings from Heavens and Ancestors to benefit you.  Their gift shall make room for them and not you!!! God gave them that gift to profit from and benefit from you. Please find your gift and stop discombobulating and controlling your child's or children's future because you failed and are still failing to live your life.  
  2. Embrace Your Children:  No matter how you were raised and no matter what you may have been taught via religion, society, embrace your children.  So what your daughter dates outside of her race. So what your son is Gay or Bisexual? So What if your child is transgender? Does that make them less human?  Stop using religion and unrealistic standards and bashing your child.  What about the things that displeased your parents?  What about your mistakes?  
  3. Talk About Sexuality and Gender Identity:  It is time for the Black Family Unit to STOP, and I DO MEAN STOP acting ignorant about sexuality and gender identity.  Sex happens. People are Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Freaks, and Love busting a good nut!!! How do you think you got here? Oh yeah did you know that transgender people have been around since ages before the Bible Was written? Check your history then comeback to me.
Stop Ostracizing Those Who Are Not Christian: In my family we have people who are Atheist, Catholic, Islamic, and Some who are multifaith. Some even follow the Voodou Religion. Can we as a Black Family unit educate ourselves and see who some of these religions are similar and when they came into being before we start damning people to hell for what they believe?  Who did we as Black people pray to before Judaism and the Whitewashed Christianity was brought to us? Let me NOT get started on Ethiopian Christianity.5. It is Okay to Get Counseling or Go to Therapy:  It is perfectly healthy for a person to go to therapy or to seek professional help. Mental Illness in the Black Community is prevalent  and must be addressed. No more saying that the person is seeking attention, or judging those who are dealing with such issues.  That's dumb and further creating stigma.
6. Educate Yourself and HIV and AIDS: Do I really have to explain this? For those who are intentionally blind or ignorant, let me do so.  HIV is not a Gay disease nor is it punishment from God.  What about babies born with HIV? What about rape victims?  HIV is a virus that if left untreated can became AIDS. HIV is a virus and AIDS is a syndrome. Please talk to a specialist about the difference and what HIV and AIDS is and is not and how it is or is not transmitted. This will help end the stigma.
7.Take Charge of your Health: Health should be your main priority.  Yes some things we can't help, but getting regular check ups, researching, and getting resources concerning health insurance, financial help, and more will be vital.  It will not hurt your pride in getting help.
8.Help Yourself: Reference #7 please and think long and hard.

I will be back for more Dear Black Families Soon