Dear Black Families: The Outro

 Once upon a time I wrote a blog entry entitled "Dear Black Families: The Intro," This entry will serve as the outro for this particular train of thought. Here's some more thoughts for Black Families and for any family period to observe and think about.

9. Your Relatives ie Children, Brothers, Sisters, ETC, have a life other than you:  Please keep in mind that your relatives have a life outside of you.  If they have dreams that they want to achieve, then they should have the liberty to move to a different area and carry out their life. Stop attempting to control and manipulate them with your narcissistic emotions!!!

10. Celebrate All Relatives: This is pretty self explanatory. I notice that Black Families always love to play favorites with certain people. They never celebrate the one's who make a recovery from a drug addiction, leave toxic situations, nor do they celebrate those who make the best of the lot they were handed. Black families always celebrate the perfectionists of the family. STOP IT. CELEBRATE ALL OF YOUR FAMILY NOT JUST SOME!!!

11. Stop Calling Everybody About Other Folks Business:  If there is an issue, you should be adult, man, or woman enough to go directly to the person. Stop that stuff of going through people or asking people to talk to that particular relative about their life decisions. That's annoying and rather petty!!!

12.  Believe Victims of Sexual Abuse: With the recent mess with R. Kelly running a sex cult with women, This is a pivotal subject concerning the Black Community and how we sweep sexual abuse under the rug.  We often dismiss an abuse victim's allegations or revelation of abuse as a lie or they made it up! The signs are there. If they don't want to hug a certain relative or be around a certain relative, then that's a sign that something is off. Watch, Pray you don't kill that relative, and LISTEN!!!

13. Please Support the Entrepreneurs In Your Familly WITHOUT ASKING FOR A DISCOUNT!!! As an entrepreneur, I understand that family will not always support you, nor will that help you reach your goals.  To anyone reading this support your families business, even if you just get out their services via word of mouth or even if you post advertisements. When you do support, do not complain about prices and DO NOT ask for a discount. You should want them to succeed. Oh and DON'T ASK THEM TO BUY A PRODUCT FOR YOU. If you will support a white business, then you should support your relatives business.

14. Last but not least, please , PLEASE take heed to what has been shared in this post.

The Priestess