I Bruised His Ego

  Dating is so complex. I just don't understand why.  It is even more complicated when you're transgender.  As a transgender woman, I've had married men, closeted, down low men, and plain out horny men wanting to get with me just because I'm transgender and not for my intellect or to get to know me. In my experience in dating pre-transition and during the transition, I've gathered that some individuals just don't know what the heck they want.

  Well, recently a guy by the name of "Jake" ( I changed the name to protect identity), who is 22 hit me up via Instagram and expressed his interest in the Priestess. He expressed his attraction to me because I'm beautiful. We talked on Instagram and we begin connecting.
  We then exchanged KIK names and Phone numbers.  Contact was going steady and we finally had our first date.  We talked for a while and chatted. The Tenderoni even kissed me and copped a few feels before he left. 
  This is where things get convoluted.  His communication sucked beans and rice on a silver platter!!! He would rarely answer my calls and texts after the first date.  This seemed all too familiar to me. I went through this with two exes and I vowed myself that I would never go through that again. I did give him the benefit of a doubt.
  That proved to be a mistake. Well he had planned another date.  We had chatted all that day before, but come the day of the date, not text, no call, no KIK messages, and no replies to my texts or calls.  This ninja, didn't have his voice message set up. MAJOR RED FLAG!!!
  Well I decided, I'm moving on and I'm holding my head up. Yes, I was pissed and disappointed, but hey why cry over a no count jackass. Well a week later here he comes responding to the last KIK messsage I sent him.
  I did ask him what happened why he didn't let me know that he couldn't make the date and why he didn't contact me. He used the lame excuse "Baby Girl, I'm a bit anti-social." I'm thinking to myself "You could've fooled me."  I told him I was giving him one more chance, but later he says " You know what u don't have to give me no more chances I'm good lol. I hope u find someone for you when I move there well see but for now you can do whatever u want if u fuck or find someone between then it's whatever do what u want."
   Needless to say I took that as he was no longer interested and I don't have to get his permission to do what I want. I am grown woman!! I think I may have bruised his ego, when I put my foot down and let him know I'm not up for these childish games that men tend to play. I'm too grown and at 31 years old I'm ready to settle down and find someone that actually wants more than a fetish, to bust a nut, and just the physical aspect. I am a lifetime commitment, not a fast food service.
These fools better recognized, because I'll bruise their egos too.