Death, Loss, and Life

    So I realize that it has been a while since I've actually written in this blog.  I do try to post as much as possible. I'm coming to learn that blogging is a good cathartic release of all of the energy that has been plaguing life and more.  I'm thankful for the gift of writing and what it does for the human soul.
  I must admit the last week and a half has been kind of rough.  I recently loss one of my favorite uncles, Mario.  Sadly he passed away, but thankfully he is not suffering anymore and he's not in pain or having to battle being confined to a wheelchair. He's gotten his wings and I'm just glad that he's not suffering anymore.
  This has been the second loss I've experienced in my family since April, so it has been kind of crazy.  To add on top of that, I've started hormone replacement therapy and I've been real bitch!!! With so many people in my ear about this and that, I actually just need a reprieve from it all.  So I've decided to focus on my move from South Carolina to the DMV. It's been rough due to everything that I've tried to do I've had things turn from sugar to shit. I need to move before 2017 is out and I'm just frustrated. I've resolved to just clear my mind and let God, the Ancestors, the Lwa, and the Universe just set things in place.
  I refuse to scream. With the loss of Uncle Mario, I don't need a whole lot of pressure.  I'm just in a place that I hate being in. I do believe that all things will work out sooner than later,
Well that's all I have to say.