The Fight is on For Net Neutrality

  As You know earlier today, the FCC voted in a 3-2 decision to repeal the Obama-era Net Neutrality Protections. Net neutrality kept the internet open and accessible to all. Under the revisions that could take place consumers would be forced to pay fees via internet service providers to access Facebook, Gmail, Twitter. 
  The argument was made that investments had gone down when infact with Net Neutrality investments had gone up. With net neutrality possibly being repealed, internet providers can slow down, block, or fast lane certain websites, services provided by their competitors and wreak havoc on those that are disenfranchised or living in areas where it has been deemed high speed internet and great services cannot be provided. These fast lanes could mean slow load times, freezing screens, and increased fees on the consumer.

Several republican leaders are using this vote to claim that the internet was too heavily regulated in which it was not. The Net Neutrality protections basically helped the people the FCC claims to look out for.

Several groups have planned lawsuits, protests, and it is headed to court. It can only be defeated by Congress. This is just another trumpian way of undoing anything Obama related. Of course politicians will spew bs.

To speak with your congressional, state, and senatorial representatives please text BATTLE to 384-287. Let your voice be heard. Let's Fight for Net Neutrality. AN OPEN INTERNET MUST STAY!!!