Wednesday's Thoughts: Going Through Changes

  It's been 2 months since I've started hormone replacement therapy and continued on the journey to "Yannick." It has been a journey and a half. Through mental, emotional, and physical changes, I am processing this better than I thought.
  There has been some challenges. One of those being coming out to my family as a whole. My Mom, Dad, and Step Mom and siblings all know, but however there are a few close relatives such as my Grandmother and Uncle who don't know. Maybe they know or maybe they are in denial. However, I am waiting until I move to the DMV to really come out. The reason being South Carolina won't have to owe me anything.
  I'm getting my mindset back after the passing of my beloved uncle and I'm refocused on the things that I love doing. I don't think people really understand what one with mental illness especially being transgender deal with on a daily basis. Depression and Anxiety is real. I just wish people didn't always give advice or tell you how to deal with it. Just let me deal in a healthy way. Speak up only if you feel that I may harm myself.
  Yes I'm going through changes, but I'm going to be bigger, better, and stronger than ever.
On that note have a great and happy holiday