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Sexualized, Black, and Transgender

So It's been it's been six months since I became a single lady. I'm not complaining, however I've decided to give dating a try.  Nothing wrong with a girl trying is it?
  One of the many woes that I have when it comes to entering back into the dating game is the fact that I encounter guys that only see transwomen as a fetish!!!  I am quick to remind them that I am a human being and not just a sex object.  Is this because of how men already view women in itself and could it be that society have made being transgender a sexual fantasy?
  Most of the messages that I get in my inbox are from men who are married and looking to fulfill some sort of sexual desire or some horny guy that thicks his penis or open butthole is a great introduction or first impression.  With these actions I am quickly repulsed and agitated.
  I am quickly thinking that I've made a mistake in trying to date right now.  Yes, I'm waiting for my knight in shining armor, but damn can a woman, …