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Enjoy Your Weekend

Hey Family,
Just a short one today.  Enjoy your weekend,

Now Is The Time- The Clark Sisters #TBT


I Bruised His Ego

Dating is so complex. I just don't understand why.  It is even more complicated when you're transgender.  As a transgender woman, I've had married men, closeted, down low men, and plain out horny men wanting to get with me just because I'm transgender and not for my intellect or to get to know me. In my experience in dating pre-transition and during the transition, I've gathered that some individuals just don't know what the heck they want.

Obamacare, Word of Faith, and Rick Ross?

Kinky Twists with Mayvenn!!!


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Dear Black Families: The Outro

Once upon a time I wrote a blog entry entitled "Dear Black Families: The Intro," This entry will serve as the outro for this particular train of thought. Here's some more thoughts for Black Families and for any family period to observe and think about.