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Starting in 2016, you were an early (alpha) member of our project called empowr. Well, that project evolved and became the new Along the way, we invented virtual currency and many other technologies used by all the top social media companies.

Your free coins

As you probably know by now, empowr is launching its own coin (like Bitcoin) and, as our way of saying Thank You to the incredible community that got us here, we're giving the first coins to you – TOTALLY FREE. Read the details

Note: Unclaimed coins will be auctioned off to the rest of the community. (As an early member, you get exclusive first access to bid on any unclaimed coins).

Once again, THANK YOU.

-Your friends at

Your account was reserved for you in order to allocate your free coins, however you must agree to terms and validate before it can be utilized. By accessing your account via the links or buttons in this email, you're both validating your email and stipulating that you're 18 or older and are signing up having agreed with the product, terms and privacy policies.

At this moment, empowr can make no guarantees about the current or future price or value of the new empowr cryptocurrency coin, or that it will be ultimately tradeable on one or more public currency exchanges. By accepting your free founder coins, you acknowledge that this offer represents a gift that can be revoked if it is found to not be legal in your state, country or jurisdiction. Vesting and other details apply.

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