About this Church Hurt Joke: IT AIN'T FUNNY

Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

We've all read, watched, and heard about Gospel Singer Leandria Johnson's rant and break down concerning a famous Pastor and her experience with religion and church hurt.  We were even there for the apology and explanation.
  This week as a result there surfaced on social media a "Church Hurt Is" and "Church Hurt" hashtag in which people were poking fun at people and church hurt. Yes I read some and was entertained, but I had to take a step back and think about it. From my own experience, I have been hurt by people in the church and told because I'm transgender, Gay, Queer, and liberated that I'm going to hell and that I can't serve. Yes it hurt, but I'm still serving Yahweh much to their disappointment.
  My thoughts on this hashtag and joke are these "STOP IT. CHURCH HURT ISN'T FUNNY AT ALL!"
 It is not funny. This is a serious matter. People have attempted suicide, died by suicide, have been depressed, and have left organized religion due to being hurt in the church. This hashtag does nothing to alleviate the pain.
 These people including myself have also been maimed mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and monetarily by church folks and stupidity.  People have also been molested by church officials but were controlled by people in power. People are condemned for no apparent reason other than control and the complexes that plague the church. Church hurt is something serious should not be joked about, but dealt with, talked about so that people can heal.
 People dealing with church hurt don't need prayer or deliverance. We need counseling and therapy. We also don't need a hashtag poking fun at the hell that we've had to deal with because of misguided principles that claim to be Biblical.


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