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Coming February 1, 2018: Naked Colors

Well I have exciting news for you all. Starting on February 1st, 2018, I have a new podcast that will be premiering. It is called Naked Colors. It will be dealing with the Naturist lifestyle. I am very much excited about this podcast. I will also be uploading the videos to youtube. Be on the look out for those. Captions will be enabled for those who are hearing impaired for the Youtube Videos. Get ready to be educated!!!

Free cryptocurrency coins for you: Big Thank You from empowr

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Ginuwine Labeled "Transphobic" for Rejecting Transwoman's Advances

Is Ginuwine Transphobic or a Victim of Sexual harassment? From my understanding if someone makes an unwanted advance at you, then you have a right to say "HELL NO!"

Live, Love, Be Free

Live, Love and Be Free.
Be Free to Be You.
Join the Live, Love, Be Free campaign.
It is geared to help Transgender, Nonbinary, Gendernonconforming, and Queer People
It is a component of the Black, Trans & Beautiful Podcast to further our reach to those needing
help, resources, and a voice in this world.