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"12 Years a Slave" Wins Oscar for Best Picture

Congrats to the producers, actors, and crew of "12 Years a Slave," for Winning Best Picture at the 86th Annual Academy Awards!!!

John Ridley Wins Oscar for "12 Years a Slave"

Congrats to John Ridley for his victory on tonight. He won the original screenplay Oscar for "12 Years A Slave," at the 86th Annual Academy Awards.  This accomplished author, producer, and is among those who have made history and is continually paving the way for all to dream and believe.

Lupito Nyong'o Wins Oscar

Congrats to Lupito Nyong'o for her Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress in the award winning film "12 Years a Slave."  This goes to show that no matter who you are you can achieve your dreams and you are somebody!!!