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Watch It Sucka!!! I'm Gay, Not a Faggot

I hate the word "faggot." When someone calls a homosexual that slur, I wanna yell "Watch It, Sucka!!!"
  Faggot is  derogatory word used to describe Gay men.  I was called this by a group of thugs while I got my tire repaired on this past Friday.  They had their pants sagging showing the world their booty, but me a neatly dressed man, gets called the "f" word. 
  Of course I ignored them. However to me it showed their on insecurity and ignorance. If they knew why sagging is part of prison culture they wouldn't do it. Or maybe they are advertising the booty for the right man. To me by them calling me a faggot showed that I am a threat to them.
  I'm more of  man by being real with who I am and not how low my pants sag. To me I am a threat because they want to be free like me but they are so caught up in society's desire for them that they'll down what they secretly like.
  Call me faggot, but you'll be the main one trying to holla at…