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@AverySunshine NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


Musique's Playlist for the Week

Hey Family, I pray that your Monday was well. Here are some songs from my playlist to get you through the week, Love ya, Yannick

Song of the Week :Avery Sunshine-Time To Shine


Bags Packed

I want to thank you all for the views, comments, tweets, shares, and love for this blog. I remember when I started taking blogging seriously. My fellow blogger and cuzzo, Luckey ofthe Luckey Star, inspired me to keep on blogging and really taught me how to stay on top of my game and the constant encouragement to stay on my A game.   As I celebrate victory with this blog I can't help, but say that for this new season of life, I have my bags packed.  I'm ready for the new things and new people that God has in store for me. As I prepare for new journeys, I feel maturation and a new perception coming forth.  Even people that I thought were with me, I realize they are liabilities and can stand to hold me back from going forth with my life.  I'm so ready for the completion of Destination DMV. The campaign is still open and ready to receive.     As I approach this new season job opportunities are pouring forth. Right now I'm in the waiting period. I'm learning that pat…

@AverySunshine and @DJTerryHunter- Ugly Part of Me (Bangin Mix)

Many of you have heard of Soul artists, and phenomenal singer Avery*Sunshine. She has penned such hits "Pinin'," "Big Mama," "Afraid," and my personal favorite, "Ugly Part of Me." Well, Avery Sunshine has teamed up with house DJ extraordinaire, Terry Hunterin a house mix of her hit "Ugly Part of Me."  The song deals with mixing hopes with expectations in relationships.  This can cause that ugly monster to come out at times. Terry Hunter adds a nice bouncy, dance beat and keys that will cause you to get up and move your body.  With Avery Sunshine's powerful vocals, this "bang" mix gives you life.  

Ain't Got Much

I ain't got much.  I don't have a Mercedes or a mansion.  Heck, I don't even have a 6 figure income, but I do have a life and great abilities.  I do have a job and an education.  For some that's enough, but for some that's not good enough.
  In the dating scene, I catch hell for being in the current socioeconomic bracket that I'm in.  I think that's why for some potential mates, I'm not a perfect fit.  While I love to have the finer things in life, I've learned to be thankful and content with what I have as I strive for bigger, better, and more.  I know that it is going to take some time, but I am working my butt off for what I desire.
  I often times ask myself since I'm single and working on some financial issues "What can I offer to a potential mate?"  I really do ask that. I look at my life and I have God, a degree, education, a job, a drive, patience, I can cook and clean and I'm very compassionate.
  Isn't that some of…

Thoughts On a Sunday

I've had a long day today.  I had to be amongst the religious people all day today.  However, I'm home and I'm sitting my fat butt on this computer typing to you all craving some sweet watermelon.  However, today has been a great day.  I've had to deal with sneers and some looks from religious folks simply because of some moves that I am making for me. It is funny that I catch the most hell from church folks. I ain't scared though, I thank my Luckey Star, that I'm still alive and loving.
  I'm glad that I'm finding myself.  I've been on a whole new vibe.  I'm making things happen in a way where it benefits me regardless of what people say or do.  Just today I made waves, but actually wearing something that shocked the crap out of everyone.  I really stopped caring what people think or do.  It's all about me right now.
  Even though right now I am single, I've stopped looking for a mate and decided to find myself.  I realize that a pe…

@AverySunshine- Ugly Part of Me

What can I say about singer, musician, songwriter, producer, Avery Sunshine? This woman has a voice of gold!!!  I discovered her this past Sunday while watching VH1 Soul.  They were playing her hit "Ugly Part of Me."
  This native of Chester, PA who started out in the church and also a former member of the Wilmington/Chester Mass Choir shows us her honed skills with her self titled album "AVERY*Sunshine."  She is a graduate of Spelman College and has worked with greats such as Jennifer Holiday, Tyler Perry, and many more.  Avery Sunshine's vocals will cause you to as she says on her website ( to "Get Your Shine On."
  With her song, "Ugly Part of Me," Avery Sunshine chronicles how sometimes we allow are hopes become expectations.  She depicts what happens when we are disappointed.  At the end of the all we must say "Babe, it was the Ugly Part of Me." Check out and Mellow out to Avery Sunshine's "Ug…