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The Family Brawl #melanatedmemoir #podcasts


Abuse, Silence and the Black Church

Domestic Abuse is real. In a recent episode of the hit podcast Black, Trans, & Beautiful, Abuse and the Black Church's Silence on it is discussed. Check it out below.

5 Years Since The Diagnosis

This blog post will find you a couple days before World AIDS Day which is on December 1st, 2017. Although we deal with HIV/AIDS awareness and education and what not on this day, the work does not stop and start on one day. It is an on going thing.   I chose this time to write this blog post, because today marks 5 years since, I found out that I had contracted HIV.  I will never forget that day for as long as I shall live. It was in 2012.   I had went in for my routine testing which was every 3-6 months.  I acknowledged that I was doing some risky sexual behaviors. Mind you I was a former sex worker, amateur porn star, and just living dangerously. I did hard drugs which is a constant struggle, but I'm yet holding on.   I had already had a dream months prior that I would end up positive, but the next day I had taken a test that came back negative, meaning that at that time I was not termed positive or the test was non reactive.  However, a few months later I decided to get tested…

Many Men , Many Voices: A Safer Sex Intervention

3MV presents "Many Men  Many Voices: A Safer Sex Intervention" on May 16-17, 2015 (Saturday May 16 at 12pm-6pm, Sunday May 17 at 2-6pm)
Location will be 13 S. Calhoun St. Greenville, SC 29615.
For more info contact Quinton Ellison at

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#ThrowbackThursday College Days 2007 #WinthropUniversity

See this picture above? This picture takes me back too my college days at Winthrop University. I believe it was around 2007.  I was going through the typical "I'm a straight boy" phase when in reality, I was giving trade. So never the less here is a crazy picture of me trying to look trade.  Here's part of my Throw Back Thursday!!!!

#Empire's Jussie Smollet Educates Fan on HIV/AIDS


Black, Gay, and Bitter: Why So Bitter?

During the President's State of the Union, I was tweeting and I noticed that there were a lot of bitterness from the Black Community. Especially those of my Black LGBT Family.  As the President mentioned his mourning concerning Ferguson and other tragedies against the Black Race, some stated that President Obama, is the new Black face of White Supremacy, while others were bashing him for not going into depth about certain issues of race, LGBTI Equality, and other things.  One must understand that President Obama is not a super hero nor is he Almighty Zeus. He is a human just like us. We must look within ourselves and push for change as well. We cannot sit on our asses and do nothing!!!!
  Now don't get me wrong I think that the president did an awesome job, but my question is why so damn bitter? Even with Michael Sam getting engaged to his longtime boyfriend, there were some bitter bitches about Michael dating and having a relationship with someone that is not a person of …