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Live, Love, Be Free

Live, Love and Be Free.
Be Free to Be You.
Join the Live, Love, Be Free campaign.
It is geared to help Transgender, Nonbinary, Gendernonconforming, and Queer People
It is a component of the Black, Trans & Beautiful Podcast to further our reach to those needing
help, resources, and a voice in this world.

Dear Black Families: The Intro

This blog post my shake some people to the core, but as a blogger and a realist living in the reality that I'm living in, as a Black Transgender Woman Living in a Black Family, I really don't care. I'm simply expressing an uncomfortable truth and conveying some much needed advice for the Black Family Unit.

Stop Pimping Your Kids:  This should be self explanatory. Your kids are NOT your cash cow.  Stop using your kids giftings from Heavens and Ancestors to benefit you.  Their gift shall make room for them and not you!!! God gave them that gift to profit from and benefit from you. Please find your gift and stop discombobulating and controlling your child's or children's future because you failed and are still failing to live your life.  Embrace Your Children:  No matter how you were raised and no matter what you may have been taught via religion, society, embrace your children.  So what your daughter dates outside of her race. So what your son is Gay or Bisexual? S…

Thought of the Day

LIVE! Just Live!!!

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Thought of The Day

It's Okay To SHUT UP!


Meet Ms. LoQuaisha Morae Chardonnay Johnson from The Bradley Show.  She is a trash talking, hood girl, Christian diva.  Get into the comic antics of LoQuaisha as she discusses the Thirsty and Desperate syndrome.

@OfficialSampson Black Stereotypes

Who is Sampson McCormick? He is one of the greatest comics ever. Sampson is also an activist, humanitarian, and a personality that you will fall in love with.  One thing that will cause you to split your side with laughter is his take on Black Stereotypes. Get into the video below. You can follow him on twitter: @OfficialSampson.