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The Diva that Stole Christmas

Diamyn, The Princess, Joins us for the First Time in Ages and Yannick, the Priestess Ain't Got time for ninjas in these streets. These two divas are gonna steal Christmas and make it Fabulous. Tweet us at BTransBPodcast
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Moving Christmas

B. Scott/Mariah Carey-When Christmas Comes


Santa Helps Explain Gays to Kids


Happy Birthday, Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus.  So many years, you arrived to save us. You came in a humble affair. Your love you openly share, to those whose burdens you bear. Glory to you, oh King. Good news you bring. Love, Peace, and Hope. Happy Birthday, Jesus. I love you!!!

Twas the Night Before Christmas

It is Christmas EVE 2013!!!  Wow this year has gone by fast!
  I remember as a kid my mom reading to us "The Night Before Christmas," and us reciting Christmas poems at church commemorating the birth of Christ. Oh What Memories.
  One of my favorite memories is when my aunt and uncle that raised me, brought me a trampoline for Christmas.  It is one of my fondest memories because it was my last Christmas with that uncle before he went on to be with the ancestors. I was 9 years old that year.
  During the course of the next day or so, my uncle and cousin assembled the trampoline and we all ended up jumping on the trampoline.  I am thankful for life and that I've made it to see Christmas Eve 2013. I can't wait till Christmas to see my family and eat some good food made by Grandma Musique.
  Merry Christmas,

Do You Believe in Miracles?

First off I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and an Awesome New Year.  Many of you all are familiar with the reason that most Christians celebrate Christmas: Jesus's Birth. Many of you know that it was an immaculate conception between Mary and the Holy Ghost ie not physical contact with a man.  This was considered a Christmas miracle.   Flip to Jesus growing older and healing leprosy, issues of blood, as well as blindness, raising the dead and other miracles.  It seems that would be His signature. With all of this in mind, I pose a question to you. Do you believe in miracles?   Personally, I do believe in miracles. I've seen miracles, I've experienced miracles, and I am a miracle.  Even with my diagnosis of HIV in 2012, I do believe God to be a healer. I've seen people who were blind regain their site. I've seen people who had cancer be healed. No I'm not lying. If He's healed back then why can't he do it now?   I am a firm believer that miracles h…

Glee - The Chipmunk Song "Christmas Don't Be Late"

Me and the Christmas Spirit

Well In 6 days it will be Christmas and I have yet to be in the Christmas spirit.  I haven't been in a Scrooge of a mood, but I haven't been feeling the usual Christmas spirit.  Don't get me wrong I've been playing Christmas music, but I'm not in the normal happy go lucky, let's go caroling mood.
  It could be that at this time, I'm currently working right around the holidays and the fact that I haven't been able to go shopping as I've desired.
  Christmas isn't always about gifts and shopping but about the Birth of Jesus Christ and how he came to the world. Christmas is also about sharing love with your family and your friends and giving love and not just something tangible.
  I guess its just one of those things that as it nears, I'll be more prepared for it.  The bright side of my Christmas will be spending it with family and getting some much needed rest.
 Happy Holidays,

The Clark Sisters- Celebration and Mary J Blige ft the Clark Sisters - The First Noel

Many of you know that the Clark Sisters are my favorite female group of all time!!! They can sing anything and minister God's word.  Well In preparation for the Christmas season they've released "The Clark Sisters' Family Christmas." There hit "Celebration," gives us the reason why we celebrate this great day of love. Also Mary J. Blige features the Clark Sisters on her arrangement of "The First the Noel," from her album "A Mary Christmas." Get into the songs below. They both tell stories of that First Noel, the Night Jesus was Born.

Christmas Eve 2012

Well it's Christmas Eve 2012, and I am excited about Christmas. I am excited because this Christmas is a Christmas in which I've endured challenges and with the fact that I've found out somethings about my health and about where I stand.  I will eventually let you all know what's going on with my health. I do believe that the Child who is now Grown named, Jesus is a healer.
  This Christmas is a new Christmas as I've seen my nieces graduate from high school and some enter college.  I've also had friends and love ones to leave and I've met new friends. I've found out more about myself this year.
  When I think of Christmas, I think of how God decided to send part of Himself to live and then die for my sins.  That means so much to me.  Only a God like Yahweh could do a thing like that.  I am just so thankful for His loving kindness. Never in a million years, would I have been able to do something of that magnitude. Merry Christmas everyone,
Love ya,


Sweet Baby Jesus and a Gay Unicorn, it's Black Friday!!!!  NOPE I DID NOT GO SHOPPING!!!!
 I actually am not doing a lot of Christmas shopping this year.  Why? Because I really can't afford it this year.  With preparing for my move to the DMV next year and trying to get myself out of debt, I really haven't thought about Christmas shopping.
  Since it's Black Friday, I refuse to get myself out there with all the other crazy consumers and risk my life by having to beat hell fire and damnation out of someone for taking something out of my buggy or trying to trample me out of greed. So Guess what , It's Black Friday!!!!
 I'm out!!!!