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2017 and Things To Stop and Start

1. To my DL preachers: Stay with the life you chose and stop preaching against homosexual when you are one yourself

2. Work on your own soul salvation: Stop daming people to hell when you're life ain't all lilly white.

3. To my Blaqueer Community: Stop outing Down Low Men

4. Stop Outing People's HIV status

5. Stop expecting people to baby you up. Grow the F**** up!!!

6. Stop advising people to stop "fucking for free" when you are shacked up with a married DL man.  Sorry you are the weakest link.

7. Stop Allowing people to force their vision on you.

8. Stop hanging around chickens when you are a Dove.

9. Start working toward your goals.

10. If you have mental health issues, go to therapy.

11. Know your status and get tested.

12. Start focusing on your well being.

13. Start letting people carry their own weight. You are not their ass to carry their load.

14. Don't Entertain Foolishness!!!

Adventures at the Mall

So On Thursday Evening after work, one of my good Judies, Brock and I decided to hit the mall in Greenville, SC.  Well the intent was to do some window shopping and to catch up because it has been over a month since we last saw each other.  This is in part due to my crazy work schedule and the fact that I'm currently in a relationship.
  The visit to the mall was filled with laughter, jokes, shade, reads, and fun. Well As I went into one of the shoe stores looking at some pumps, I walked passed a stocky, Caucasian, yet handsome fellow with dark red hair. As I walked by, I heard him say "Damn, Shit."
  I quickly turned around to see that his eyes were glued to me.  Now I am not gonna lie, a girl felt very special, but let's face it my boyfriend does all of that and more for me.  To make the situation more intense was that there were couches and seats right in front of the shoe store.  Well Stocky Red Head, decides to take a seat and watch me shop for my next pair o…

Thought of the Day: Secret Lovers

If a person can only love you in secret, then that love is counterfeit.

The L.A. Complex TONIGHT at 9PM CW

I live for The CW's latest series "The L.A. Complex." It is truly groundbreaking.  It stars Jewel Staite, Andra Fuller, Benjamin Charles Watson, and Chelan Simmons to name some of the cast.  The show is about young hopefuls trying to make it to stardom in the Music and film industries. Each relationship, trial, and decision is chronicled.
  What is interesting about this show is that it is on prime time and it shows a gay relationship with King (Andra Fuller) and Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson).  Kaldrick King is a down low rapper and Tariq is a producer and musician who writes beats and inspires King within the music spectrum however there is a sensual chemistry that will push you to the edge of your seat.  However it is troublesome that it deals with the stereotypical Down Low brother syndrome adding even more negative stigma to the stereotype.
  King is your stereotypical DL thug rapper.  He lies as if he's screwed a lot of women when in fact he's screwed ton…