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Getting Back to Me 2015

Hey Family, I pray that you are all enjoying 2015 so far.  I know many of you have been wondering, Where I've been hiding?  Well, There's something that we all deal with called life.    Somethings that happened in 2014 threw me of course, however I am determined to get back on course. For starters I am looking for a better job and trying to make sure that my finances are where they need to be for this move to DC.  I've been working on this move for almost 3 years and it seems that I keep having set back after set back, However 2015 I am definitely moving with or without the support of some people.  I feel as if I'm behind, but no use in looking in the past.   It is time to move forward. I do believe that within the next few months things with the move will work out.  I have also been suffering from burn out and trying to deal with family issues. If it isn't one thing it's another, however I am finding myself back to me and back to my peace.    I refuse not t…

Moving and Shaking

Many of you know that I have been planning a move to Washington, DC by the end of this year (2015).  So Far things have not been going as planned, but even better.  How so?
  I've been able to network and survey the area in which I would like to live as well as make sure that I have everything I need in order to make the move possible.  The major obstacle in my way right now is finding a job and making sure that I have the proper amount of money saved that will allow me to be financially stable for this move.
 If you see the crowdfunding venture Destination DMV, feel free to share, contribute, and spread the word. This would help with moving expenses and getting situated in the DMV.  It will be greatly appreciated.  Attached are reward levels for each donation.  You will also be recognized via Youtube and this blog.

What is Really Going On?

Destination DMV Is Still In View for 2015. I've had to shift some things around due to some unfortunate circumstances. However, everything is coming up roses. Be sure to click the picture if  you would like to help me reach my destination. Love ya, Musique

Destination DMV Is Still A Go

Many people have been asking me "Lyric, when are you moving to the DMV." My response has been "2015." With recent transitions and unexpected situations, I've had to push the move back. However, I am not going to stress it.   I know many of you shade queens have been saying "Girl, Lyric ain't going anywhere." Well, I have news for you: I'M STILL GOING AND YOU ALL ARE GOING TO GAG DARLING!!!   Right now, I am not doing a lot of talking about the move, but I'm working and moving and making some things happen for me. While everyone is waiting and watching, I'm still yet working on Destination DMV.  It may not happen in my timing, but in God's timing it will happen. Selah,
Musique aka Lyric

Destination DMV and Thanks

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! All is well and I speak blessings over you all. Before I get started I want to thank the latest contributor and friend to Destination DMV, Dean for his contribution in helping me meet my goal.  I want to thank you all for sharing and contributing thus far. I'm still job hunting. I'm praying that something will open up soon. If you all have any leads, please comment on this post, Musique

It's So Close

WOW 3 months and I will be moving. I want to thank those who have contributed so far to Destination DMV (Click the Widget Above and Highlighted Title). I'm kind of antsy because in the preparation process, everything that wants to happen is happening, however, I do believe that all things will work out for me at the appointed time.    I'm anxious about leaving my family but also starting a new chapter in my life and more.  I have big hopes and dreams and I am to reach them. I plan on furthering my music career and I also plan on achieving some goals in the entertainment industry. Its so close I can taste it, Musique

Destination DMV Progress

WOW in a few months I will be saying Goodbye to South Carolina and starting a new life.  Many of you all are familiar with my move that I've called Destination DMV. I've been filling out job applications and looking at various places to live around the DC area. I'm going to also look in Virginia as well. Many of you all have seen me sharing the links of a crowd funding venture entitled Destination DMV (pictured above).  I'm trying to see what area I really want to move into.  If you are in the DMV area reach out to me on this blog. Love ya,

Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

So Many of you know that I've recently thrown myself back into the dating game. There have been some suitor's but there is one that I'm sticking with. We'll call him Leland. Leland and I met last year via Facebook.  We met in one of the groups that I participate in Facebook.  He and I are both into the church, both are unique, we both love musicals, and we have so many opposite qualities that seem to push us together.
  Leland is a great guy. I can tell it in the way we talk on the phone, Skype, text, Facebook. However there is one drawback. He's in New York and I'm in South Carolina....Now before you all start judging me and hounding me about Destination DMV. Many people have stated "Musique, Find you someone in DC."
Yes, that seems logical, but I'm curious to see how this will work with me and Leland.  We've spent so much time getting to know each other and we have an understanding. Even when it seemed like I may have found someone here …

My Love For Music (the Story) and a Little Treat for You All

Many of you know that I'm a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. I may have lightly hinted at the story of how I became a music head.  Well, below is a video explaining my love and passion for music as seen on the Bradley Show.  Also Click on the Link above to donate to Destination DMV.

Wednesday Thoughts

I thought I would've been taking a blog-cation but I guess you all can see otherwise.  It's Wednesday and since American Horror Story: Coven had its finale, I am no good and I guess that means I'll be hitting the gym again.  For the last couple months, I've been kinda. Yes, I have been lazy.  I've been experiencing tiredness and I'm guessing due to the stress of trying to get things together for my move to DC in September and with family issues happening.
  However through it all, I am persevering. I'm staying focused and positive. Things may not happen in my timing but in God's timing.  It's been a bit frustrating putting back money for the money because it seems as if all that wants to happen is happening however, all shall be well. I'm still job hunting and apartment hunting. Reminder if you are interested in helping me succeed in the move I am accepting donations for the move. You will see links to the right of this blog. You can make the…

Blogcation and Destination DMV or either buy a new one

Hello Everyone,.
  I will be on a brief blogcation due to my laptop crashing and my hectic work schedule. However, I will be sharing older posts and trying my best to chime it. I'm having to get my laptop repaired. Meanwhile, I am still working on Destination DMV. However without my laptop, my job search has been temporarily halted.  I really am trying to figure out how I am going to survive without my laptop...This is not going to be a fun adventure. To  find out more info on Destination DMV, click below.


What to Write: Single Life and Holidays

Well, It's been a hectic, yet fun few days for me. Thanksgiving was great and the weekend was fun. Here I am trying to figure out what to write.  So many thoughts come to my mind. So many flashes and so many ideas.  Especially with the holidays approaching and with me moving next year, I'm trying to relax and not stress.
  I could also write about how, This holiday is different for me because it will be my first in 3 years that I've not lived at home with my family.  It's different being an adult.  I always dreamed that I would be able to buy everyone presents, but however reality is showing me that with the bills that I have I'm sort of limited, but I'm okay with that. As long as I'm with family and have a great meal I'm okay.
  I could also write about how I'm trying to pretend that I'm okay with being single, but I really do hope that I one day find that perfect mate. This past weekend my friends berated me on how I am afraid of relations…

When My Words are Few and the Future

I hate moments like this.  I'm few on words. I hate not being able to verbalize my feelings and not being able to function on this blog. You all know that this blog is my baby.
  I think I just need some time to rest and relax. As much as I'm fighting it, I'm trying not to take a blogcation.  Sometimes we just need to regroup. However, what is on my mind is my future.
 With this impending move, I'm excited, but it is kind of bittersweet.  I'm leaving familiar territory and heading to an unfamiliar place and a new horizon. This new horizon includes maturity, faith, and a new outlook on life. Sometimes we have to go to a different place in order to really live. I intend to live. I intend on achieving dreams and making big waves in DC. Well I'm done with this entry.
Love ya,


OH NO!!!! It's Monday. Decree and Declare that your Monday is full of blessings and miracles!!!

Bags Packed

I want to thank you all for the views, comments, tweets, shares, and love for this blog. I remember when I started taking blogging seriously. My fellow blogger and cuzzo, Luckey ofthe Luckey Star, inspired me to keep on blogging and really taught me how to stay on top of my game and the constant encouragement to stay on my A game.   As I celebrate victory with this blog I can't help, but say that for this new season of life, I have my bags packed.  I'm ready for the new things and new people that God has in store for me. As I prepare for new journeys, I feel maturation and a new perception coming forth.  Even people that I thought were with me, I realize they are liabilities and can stand to hold me back from going forth with my life.  I'm so ready for the completion of Destination DMV. The campaign is still open and ready to receive.     As I approach this new season job opportunities are pouring forth. Right now I'm in the waiting period. I'm learning that pat…

You Do You and I Do Me. Let Me Get My Own Success!

For the last few days my mantra has been "You do you and I'm gonna do me." Whenever you here someone say that Mantra it means that seasons are about to change and some people are about to part ways.  The reason I've been on this "I'mma do me," tangent is because I see things that I want and I refuse to let anyone tell me not to go for what I want.   After hearing that I'm making a mistake by moving to certain places and living my life as only I can live and living for me, I've decided to do me.  If I am making a mistake it's for me to learn.  Right now I'm in a place to where I can't digest everyone else's feedback or what they think is right for me. I feel that everyone wants me to have success by their means and that they are looking at past mistakes that I've made and thinking that I'm dumb or just flying by the seat of my pants.   I'm at a point to where, They can do them and I'mma do me. Just plain and simple…

Going Back to School and Gender Roles

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!!!  Well many of you know that I have a BA in music from the great Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. I graduated in the Spring of 2009 and that was one of the happiest days of my life.  However, Fast Forward 4 years later and I'm not wear I desire to be but I am getting there.   This past weekend, I've resolved it within myself to go back and pursue my Masters Degree in Music or go for cosmetology once I get settled in DC.  Now a little bit of background about cosmetology. When I was a little boy, I wanted to do hair. I would try to style my sister's baby doll's hair or imagine myself with some intricate hairstyle and modeling on the walk way, but sad to say I let good old Society's gender roles hamper me from that dream. I was told only women and "Funny Men" did hair. Even in college when I attended Hold My Mule Holiness  I was told "men don't do hair. They get talked about." Well honey people are gonna talk regardles…

The Purpose of Destination DMV

Hey Guys, Many of you have seen me posting links for something called "Destination DMV."Well, I'm making moves and doing some changes.  I am preparing to move by March 2014.    Many people have asked why I'm moving.  Well I need a change of scenery and  I need to do what's right for me. I was originally going to move back in 2007 when I was attending Hold My Mule Holiness.    I was told not to go to DC because my bestie Senor Paco, was "using me and was not going to benefit me." As a result, I cut him off and I tried to put on the persona that I was a straight, Black man.  However, that's a story for another day.   Well Back in 2010, Senor Paco and I reconnected. It was a start and we began rebuilding our friendship.  Now, I'm not chasing after anyone, but after the reconnection, the Supreme one nudged me as I was eating at a Chinese Buffet.  I had been seeking Him after somethings with ministry transpired, God gave me specific instructions …


What is anticipation? Anticipation is the expected waiting, the act of looking forward that something is going to happen with excitement.  In our childhood many of us anticipated our birthdays, Christmas, Summer vacation, or that favorite relative visiting.  No matter what age we are we always have a period of anticipation.   With the impending move (Destination DMV), I am anticipating so many opportunities, a change of scenery, and a liberty like never before. I'm anticipating what live holds for me. I'm anticipating resurrecting a career in theatre, really further my music, and really own my own business. I'm also thinking of going into cosmetology. I'm quite handy with make up and know a little bit about hair. This new liberty is something much needed.   However, in order for me to get there, I'm making sure that I have my finances together and that all things will work hand in hand for me. That's why many of you may have seen a link called Destination DMV

Honorable Mentions for GoFundMe to G. Carlos

Hello Everyone,   I want to give honorable mentions to Mr. G. Henderson for his contribution to the Destination DMV campaign. Thank you for your support of The Bradley Show and Musique's Poetry. It is greatly appreciated and I am thankful. Thanks again and cannot wait to join you in the DMV, Love ya, Musique
♫Musique's Poetry♫