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Not Everyone Will Like You

One thing that I've learned as a singer, blogger, and youtube personality, is that not everyone will like you.
There will always be those who think that your views, songs, or personality is a joke.  However, I've learned not to take it personal. People will have something to say about whatever you do or go.  With a recent blog post on effemiphobia and somethings that were posted on Facebook, I've come under attack, which really encouraged me and made me laugh at the same token.
  Although some feel that the article was a joke and others felt it was a good article, I think I served my job as a blogger. As with any blog or article on a personally hosted or owned venue, it is solely that person's views. If it offends some, cause some to not agree, cause some to agree, or makes some happy or sad, its cool. That's life.
  Understand that when I write in this blog it is not to offend or cause hurt, or to be a joke as some stated,but to express my thoughts and feelings…

Don't Take it Personal

As the picture with fitness guru Shaun Tsays"Don't Take It Personal."Sometimes in life we face those situations in which we can either slap someone in the face or smile and take in stride the critique that we receive from them. We can look at it as that person shaping us to be better.
  However, it depends on the critique's delivery or how they approach you. If they approach you in the wrong way some blows are gonna be thrown and some eyes are gonna be blackened. Even if a person starts drama with you, like Monica says in her hit "Don't Take it Personal."It's not that it reflects on you, but it actually reflects on them. When people want to trash your good name and you did nothing to them, that shows how immature they are.  Whenever that person or clique tries to start at you and go to your connects with mess, it means that you're doing something right. Use that drama as a stepping stone to prove that you are better, stronger, and wiser.  Don…