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Sh*tholes R Us

So About Trump's "Shithole," Comments Lord Help the Shithole States of America

Sometimes They Come Back

In the recent installment of "Black, Trans, & Beautiful" Yannick Goes off about crazy exes and why we should let them stay exes. She also sounds off on Tina Campbell's Coonery and Racist Homophobe in Government.

What Can We Do About the Trump Creature?

What can we the Black Queer Community do about Trump?  What can we the Muslim Community do about Trump? What shall us smart people do about Trump?
  Many of us have written think pieces and have made videos and many of us are protesting.  However we must get out and vote. Not only  vote but make sure that we listen to the platforms and pay attention to whom we are voting.  Let's stop voting against our interests and stop voting because of religious nonsense. Let's acutallly use reality!!!

@Cher Compares Hitler and Trump in Recent Twitter Post #TriggerWarning

Iconic Entertainer, Singer, Musician, Actress, and Humanitarian, Cher has really exposed Trumps, Hitleristic Ideals, via Twitter.
Sound off Family!!!