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@FaithEvans- For the Love of the People (The Clark Sisters Cover)

Singing Diva and #Incomparable Songstress Faith Evans has given me life tonight!!!  You all know that I'm a Clark Sisters Fan and I'm a Music Addict. Well Tonight, thanks to a good friend, Devin,

B. Slade Slays "Greatest Love of All" #WhitneyHouston #KellyPrice #BSlade


Paradise-Faith Evans Featuring Karen Clark Sheard and B. Slade

Don't You want to live in Paradise? What do you get when you gather Faith Evans, B. Slade, and Karen Clark Sheard? A Paradise straight from the musical heart of God.

@DonaldLawrence and @Lalahhathaway "Ultimate Relationship"

Donald Lawrencehas done it again. This musical genius, truly anointed, has blessed us again with his celebration of 20 years in the industry in the body of work "Donald Lawrence: Best for Last (20 Year Celebration - Vol 1 )."Donald Lawrence blesses us again with some goodies such as "Say a Prayer" featuring Faith Evans, "Instrument" (featured on the Clark Sisters' "Live: One Last Time." album) Featuring Rudy Currence, and a classic, worship version of "The Blessing of Abraham."
  One of my favorite songs on this project is his "Ultimate Relationship."Many of you may recognize this song from Mary J. Blige's "Love & Life." project from 2003.  This song has Donald Lawrence's signature all over it. Not to mention the smooth, velvet vocals of  Lalah Hathaway on the lead vocals.   "Ultimate Relationship" deals with one's divine relationship with God.  Click Here to by the Album "Donald L…