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Appeals Court Denies Stay in Ban Against Same-Sex Marriage in SC

Well Gay Marriage Is Hitting South Carolina. According to WYFF4.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson and denied his request for an emergency stay on a court ruling last week that ruled the state's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.

The appeals court ruling means same-sex marriages in South Carolina can proceed beginning on Thursday at noon, the deadline set by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Gergel last week when he tossed out the state's ban.

Here is Wilson's Rebuttal:

Wilson released a statement after the ruling saying the issue has not been resolved nationally.

"It is still likely the U.S. Supreme Court will address conflicting rulings between federal circuit courts of appeal. Therefore, today's ruling by the Fourth Circuit does not end the constitutional obligation of this Office to defend South Carolina law. We continue to believe the doctrine of federalism and the Tenth Amendment should…

Sunday Wisdom: Gay Marriage


Gay Marriage is Happening in South Carolina

This is Great News for South Carolina!!!! A South Carolina court has issued a marriage license to a same-sex couple despite the state's (un)constitutional ban against Same Sex Marriages and the Butthole Attorney General's pledge to uphold it.  On Wednesday, Charleston County Probate Judge Irvin Condon issued the license to Charleston County Councilwoman Colleen Condon and Nichols Bleckley.  Earlier in the week the SCOTUS decided not to hear appeals of a ruling allowing same-sex marriage by a federal appeals court with jurisdiction over South Carolina. Condon states that as a result his court is required to accept and issue marriage licenses.  State AG Alan Wilson vowed to keep fighting against the case in wich a same-sex couple married in another state asking South Carolina to recognize their union. On Monday morning, a Wilson spokesperson stated that the AG was reviewing the matter.  I feel that South Carolina is taking a step towards progression...let's fight for our r…

The Sanctity of Marriage


Gay Marriage Starts Monday in New Jersey

Although he disagrees with Gay Marriage, Gov. Chris Christie will cooperating with the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling legalizing Gay Marriage. It was a unanimous, 7-0, decision.  "The Supreme Court has made its determination," Christie's press secretary, Michael Drewniak, said in a statement New Jersey's Supreme Court includes one independent, three Democrats and three Republicans, one of whom is a Christie appointee.  Congrats to New Jersey for legalizing Gay Marriage.Who Will Be Next?

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Gay Marriage: How Is It Affecting You?

With the recent victory over DOMA alot of religious people are saying that this puts the country in Hell's path.  Many pastors, especially Christians are still waging war on the LGBTQ Community and its allies.  My question to those who hate everything Gay is why should I be denied the right to marry who I love? How  is my love and sex life affecting you? If you are not gay, then you shouldn't be worried about who I am sleeping with. Stop throwing religion and your ignorance at me.  It seems that those who want to deny rights are just wanting to hear themselves talk. What about your right to marry? I didn't vote on your right to be straight and married.  Apparently your heterosexuality doesn't bother me and my Gayness obviously isn't affecting you. Could it be that you are secretly gay? How is Gay marriage affecting you?  It isn't.  You say Gay marriage is disrespectful, but what about polygamy and adultery. That is disrespectful to marriage not homosexuality. …

Barack, Shantay, You Stay!!!


Defense of Marriage Act Ruled Unconstitutional

The Defense of Marriage Act has been ruled been ruled unconstitutional by the second appeals court.
  The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals joins the 1st Circuit court in Boston, which handed down its ruling in May, rejecting a key part of the law. However, the 2nd Circuit upheld a lower court ruling that DOMA unconstitutionally denies federal benefits to lawfully married same-sex couples.
   The Constitutionality of Same-Sex marriage could be determined by the U.S. Supreme Court which could take up the issue in its current term.


Tonight will be Round 2 of the Presidential Debates between President Barack Obama and Mittens Romney. I'm ready for this one tonight.  I think the President has a strategy. I hope and pray that he pulls out the big guns tonight.  I honestly President Obama has a strategy.
  In the last debate, I think President Obama was playing it cool and saving the big stuff for later.  Plus it was his anniversary night and you know Michelle and her goodies were on his mind.  However, tonight he's going to come out a bag and mollywop the piss out of Mitt Romney.  Honestly his coolness showed that he didn't want to be an angry Black Man.


7 Days of Me: Day 3 Its Hump Day and I've Been Pushed

Today is Hump Day!!! It's that one day of the week that let's you know you've made it to the middle and still have a couple more days to the freaking weekend.  It may have challenges, ups and downs, but all shall be well.
  Today as apart of the 7 Days of Me plan, I've been getting in tune with myself. Today I really I had to catch myself because I was agitated at a simple mistake that I had made at work. Everything was corrected, but I was ill because My day had started out so perfect, but then this happened and that one particular co-worker worked my dangum nerves today.  However, I did like I've done most of this week, I remained prayerful.  It was difficult in all the chaos, but just as long as I was able to say "Lord, Help," or a "Thank you, Jesus," or just call on Jesus, I was okay.  I knew that if I could just make it through this shift, I would be okay.
  Today has been a day that I have been pushed to get what I need and want.  I had…

@younglegend3 @nateg10451 Robert + Nathanael: A Gay Kappa Wedding

This is simply beautiful. Two Souls being married. Robert Brown and Nathaneal Gay tied the not last month at the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort in Lexington, Kentucky.  They shared their fairy tale wedding with the world via Youtube this week.
  The video is very beautiful indeed.  In the traditional colors, crimson and creme, representative of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity in which groom, Nathanael is apart of can be seen presumably throwing up the hand sign indicative of the historically Black Fraternity.
  People have made homophobic statements and have tried to Bible thump all over this video, but it does not diminish the beauty and the happiness that this beautiful wedding sends through the air.   The video, set to Jennifer Hudson's "If This Isn't Love" the video chronicles the horse drawn carriage, a lovely bridal party with beautiful groomsmen and bridesmaids.  The fashion and food are also included.
 I must say congrats to the Happy Couple. I am very happy …

What About Your Divorce


@TheGangNem Gay Until Marriage

The Gang Nem is a group of friends who talk about experiences in life.  They don't just focus on the LGBTQ Community, but they tackle all issues in life on The Youtube Channel "The Gang N'em TV."
  In a recent video, they discussing "Gay until marriage." They deal with Gays who say they are gay with the hopes until they find a woman to marry.  Is that even possible? Get into the video below.

Live in the Sunshine #RETWEET

"Live in the Sunshine," is what I'm doing now.  For a while, I had been suffering from burn out.  I've been overworked, irritated, agitated, pissed of, and really tired.  However, it has often taken an epiphany to wake me out of things. For that I am thankful.  I've decided to make some changes.
  I understand that I must crawl before I walk, but I do believe that things are about to shift for my greatness not just for my good. I've set some plans in motion and I've made plans. I'm going to do what Ralph Emerson told me to do "Live in the Sunshine, Swim the sea, Drink the Wild Air."
  To me that means "Live Your Life, BOY!!!!"  Living is what I'm about to do.  I've stopped worrying about being single, being broke, and all this other malarkey and bull crap, and I've decided to take life as it comes.  I understand I'm going to have to use wisdom, but that's life. You live and you learn.
 It's funny that I&…

North Carolina Passes Amendment 1

Welcome to the Bible Belt of the South.  Apparently as of Today North Carolina has passed the notorious Amendment 1. It was promoted as a ban on Same Sex marriage however here are some more things on how it screws traditional marriages, healthcare, as well as domestic violence protections. The ACLU made a list of how sucky things are about to get:

Domestic violence laws protecting people in an unmarried partnerships might be weakened. (This claim has been debated by both sides, and it's still unclear exactly how the law would impact domestic violence victims. Opponents of Amendment 1 say many of North Carolina's domestic violence laws offer special protections to victims who have an established relationship with their abusers. So if the amendment narrows the law to legally recognize only marriages, it might weaken these protective laws for unmarried partners. Supporters of Amendment 1, such as Rockingham County District Attorney Phil Berger Jr.,contest this claim. Berger said …