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♫Musique's Poetry♫ Sits Down With LGBT Artist @Iamduphotmusic (Updates Included)

There’s only one way to describe the vocal styling of the music recording artist Bjorn Duphot; wicked phone-sex turned up! Unapologetic, driven, sexy, and yet very sincere; Bjorn Duphot approaches the creation of music with an executives frame of mind. He craves order, creative chaos, and everything in between.”
       Bjorn Duphot grew up in Willow Grove Pennsylvania, fostered by his grandmother and his uncle. He is the eldest of four children and was taught by his parental figures to be a good leader. Watching his grandmother who was a school teacher, create lesson plans, Bjorn learned the importance of proper planning, preparation, and writing everything down. It was through his passion for writing, that Bjorn initially found his way into writing poetry, song verses and choruses.        Bjorn was always a "different" child, standing out among his peers, and often times finding himself to be the subject of their conversations. One of Bjorn's greatest outlets was writi…