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I have many pet peeves. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you're giving someone information and they ask you a question that you just answered.  THAT IS FREAKING ANNOYING!!!!! I work in customer service and it irks me when you are giving an explanation and you have to repeat yourself several times.   It makes me wonder i "Why am I wasting my time when you aren't listening."  It's enough that unfortunately when it comes down to my sexuality and gender identity as a transfeminine/transgender person that people hear only hear what they want.    When will people shut the hell up and listen?! Did you know that listening is fundamental?  When you don't listen you make yourself look like a donkey's ass.  Take the time out to listen. It will enrich your life. Smooches, Musique

It's So Close

WOW 3 months and I will be moving. I want to thank those who have contributed so far to Destination DMV (Click the Widget Above and Highlighted Title). I'm kind of antsy because in the preparation process, everything that wants to happen is happening, however, I do believe that all things will work out for me at the appointed time.    I'm anxious about leaving my family but also starting a new chapter in my life and more.  I have big hopes and dreams and I am to reach them. I plan on furthering my music career and I also plan on achieving some goals in the entertainment industry. Its so close I can taste it, Musique